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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Heavens Work of Love

If you look unto the night sky, you realize how meaningless our worries in the grand scheme of things. What matters, what doesn't matter in our daily reality. Waking up early in the morn and gazing out the window at the apparent star lit sky, I feel freedom from the heaviness that can and usually does weigh down the soul. The feeling can only be compared to that of peering out another window of life. The heart to heart connection is packed full of emotion, heavy and overwhelming,. the soul to soul connection is filled with the essence of purity. We stand one to one and bare all that we are, we are the reflection of a bright shining star.

No heavy or emotion,
just truth and pure joy,
soar high, sweet love
I'm there by your side.

First thing in the morn
and through out the day,
the connection we make
is the souls serenade.


Don't question tomorrow,
just set your soul free,
soar my sweet love
beyond your dreams.

No tears in the eyes
nor darkness for me,
hold my hand and
set your soul free.

Inhales your love,
exhales a dream.
Touch a heart and a soul,
like thread on a spool,
weave joy and happiness
while we grow old.
The stitches of life,
are not always nice,
that is of course
until I met you.
Dry Tears
I held the tears of a lifetime,
filled with darkness and despair,
they weighed heavily on this life,
fueled by loneness and fear.
No more tears inside me,
there is nothing left to reveal,
for I clearly opened my heart
where only tears are left behind.
It is the sweetness of your voice,
your love exits deep from inside
and this is how we will be remembered
for the love that soared to the heavens high.
Breathe and fill your heart with joy ,
this moment is a note of heavens work of love.

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