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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, September 28, 2015

Happiness of Sweet

I give you my love,
my hopes and dreams,
for you had my heart
from hello it seems.

Smiles and laughter
happiness of sweet,
replaces the darkness
with warm memories.

My true forever,
if you haven't realized,
I couldn't stop loving
even if I tried.

It doesn't take effort,
this passion and desire,
it burns from inside
like a forest on fire.

Selfless love,
meant to be shared,
from you my love
who took the time
to care.

My promise eternal
an undying love,
stronger and stronger
soars above.


Waiting on the morning sun to rise,
consumed with dreamy thoughts of you.
It feels the void within my heart
with your love so wonderful and true.

Lying here in a semi awake state,
as the darkness is quickly replaced.
The light that shines so very bright
is the colliding of your heart to mine.

The song quickly breaks the silence
with words written expressively for you ,
in a warn and inviting melody which is
played in the heavens blue.
I take each morning to thank the Lord above
and celebrate the moment he sent your precious love.

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