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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Locked in Silence

When we refuse to to gaze through the
window of the heart and deny our soul,
only then do we complicate what
was always the simplicity of life.
There is no comparison between my
wants and needs as they are identical.
I need you like the gardens need the rain
and I want you like the waves
which hug the shore.


When I think of life without you,
I feel an emptiness that toys with my heart.

What is crazy is not the silly things
we do for one and other,
it's all that we have
not yet chanced
to do.


As much as I would like to be selfish
at the moment and journey into your arms,
I know I must correct the wrongs so that
love may flourish like a field of wild daisy.

We cannot survive in the air of negativity,
therefore we must remove it.

There is a silence that dwells even though the rain
falls to the earth through the restless storms.

The tightness that I feel in my chest
is due to the hunger for your love.

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