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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On The Other Side of The Moon

Your soul mirrors my love or
is it my love that mirrors your soul?

The song sung for only you my dear,
with the words of angels to your heart
a spear.

Listen closely and you will know that
faith crossed the threshold where
only love can go.

La la la I love you, La la la I care, La la la
my darling, la la la in the morning and
under the starry night, la la la forever
a love we can't deny.

Like a rose in bloom,
if you don't stop you'll loose
and nothing but sadness
will gain.

Fragrance sweet, there's
no defeat with the love
with you I share.

An Attraction To A Soul

When speaking of the inner attraction to another human being, we ask ourselves what is it that causes the magnetism? On the most common biological level people are obviously attracted to a physical being. But as my daughter keeps getting overly irritated when people tell her she is a picture of her mother and she quickly jumps to a defense but" I look nothing like you." It became obvious that people did see through an inner depth, the character, attitude, the way we respond and represent ourselves. Yes in my daughters case we have only a few physical similarities, but our close bond has allowed me to share my inner spirit with her and that reflects in her own actions.
I think of the people who are the closest to me and you wonder what exactly brings us closer together. It really does vary, sometimes it is the way we interact one soul with another and again it could be as simple as the common bond. But as I review my own personal experiences it was evident that we neither needed to walk the same walk nor experience the same journey to have empathy and understanding of another human beings plight. What exactly makes some people more aware that they connect soul to soul ? I thought hmmm define soul and these few definitions seem to most reflect of what we consider a soul. The animating and vital principle in humans, credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion and often conceived as an immaterial entity.
  1. The spiritual nature of humans, regarded as immortal, separable from the body at death, and susceptible to happiness or misery in a future state.
  2. .The central or integral part; the vital core: "It saddens me that this network ... may lose its soul, which is after all the quest for news"(Marvin Kalb).
  3. A person considered as the perfect embodiment of an intangible quality; a personification: I am the very soul of discretion.
  4. A person's emotional or moral nature
It again occurred to me that we can without any material sense touch and feel the energy of another human being.That we can also be one with the spiritual being and explore the creation of the heart felt bond. Our very being allows us to connect on a level beyond the typical social network. I found as important as character is in a person, it was separate from the soul. Character is formed along the journey, it can be altered through experience and justified by the good and bad that surfaces. The soul is unique in that I believe each of us are a source of emotion , love and energy which reveals itself on a very unique level. It is the obvious reason why people who experience similar stories come away with very different advantages or disadvantages, " the lessons of life"

My eyes are fixed upon the images of my daydreams, where I am cast into your arms and you are cast my king. My head resting peacefully upon your chest and there I count each beat of your heart in a state of eternal bliss. The whispers of a memory, the words that time will reveal, the embracing of souls from atop the highest hills. My gift to you is simple as simple as can be, I give to you my love wrapped up in a dream. Just to feel you near me as I gaze into your eyes and I'll not take anything for-granted, I know this is heavens great surprise. I want to wake in your arms and tell you that I love you so and whisper to your soul no harm will you come to know. My needs are pleasantly simple, to love unconditionally and feel the magic returned from across the lands like wind flowing free. My love is for you and for you alone, the embraceable collision that causes me to moan.
The deep attraction is far from shallow speare and almost unexplainable can only be described by the love that we share. Sometimes it is the connection between two people that fuels the fire creating an excitement with each other or it could be completely the opposite and it is the love which brings the most wonderful peace and calm. Honesty and a pureness of heart allows us to easily view the soul, experience the magic of a being, an eternal bond which once again ignites the passion for life. There are many who are very insecure and this leaves them incapable of revealing the path of their inner soul. The sharing of the inner spirit becomes a threat which cast greater shadows of insecurity and fear on their very being. How can we view the core of a being, the very beginning of energy that flows into our bodies? One must realize that their is no beginning to the energy nor and end, that we are a part of a larger existence and that it is revealed to us through the pathway of love. When we least expect to cross the path of what we describe as a a kindred soul, we are in a sense completing the visual of true energy. That which we feel and see is the interlocking of energy. It is why it is so important to absorb the positive and allow it to guide us to a place of enlightenment.
Whether conscious or unconscious we are experiencing a creation that is continuously in the making, it is why emotionally and physically the joy of love becomes the map of the journey. The truth reveals the radiance of the merge and the interaction which heightens the experience. When we allow ourself the most ultimate of experience which is to stand before the heavens without judgement, than we have found the direction in which our soul shall lead. It is those who dare to harness the energy or redirect the flame that live within denial. It is like making a choice from the inner truth, following or listening to our own intuition. This intuition is based on simply what feels good or bad and it outlines what our soul already knows and our character questions.
If we are all created of energy than why do feel either a negative or positive source of energy from various souls? I believe it depends on whether or not we have accepted the reality of our being and the love in which we are a part of. Man has placed so many restrictions upon the soul his failure to live pure and from love has allowed for deception and the seeds of darkness to root.

The earth, the trees,
the stars in the sky ,
my heart, your heart
and our souls entwined.

Fueled by love, fed by
desire, our very existence
uncontrolled and free, is
naturally what it should be.

There are those who allow a weakness to grip their very soul will never know that in the bigger picture it is love which guides us so. They may fail to remove the greed and ignorance and the braids of hate and a loss will surface and they shall never be truly free. They have painfully written the ending and this time will reveal, that they could have flourished in happiness and instead they chose despair. For only with love can we seed the the energy in which the soul equates that we are on the same plateau leading to the celestial gates. It is all rather simple when you listen to the soul, for love leads with truth and truth patiently commands and there you'll find respect with love to always goes hand in hand. It leads us to an equality where our energy will flow and there is where we will make a difference as our love continues to grow.

In reality it was because my soul gave sight to the heart
that I saw the love in its true form, free of judgment.

Sings>I gathered all the memories and released them to the blue as it acknowledges our love and all that it can do. The mountains to sand, the ocean bed dry and when you gaze into the heavens the stars are renamed for you and I. I see precious and cherish, passion and desire and when the night has fallen, I see the midnight fire. I gathered all the memories and released them to the blue, as it acknowledges our love and all that it can do.

Once through the gates of the blue above, you'll find the path leads us on the road of respect and love. There is no denying, it led me to you, on the other side of the moon, where our most precious dreams come true. The power is not worked by the ordinary hands, the magic of this love is from where the heart commands. It taught me the lessons , which humor best describes, as a gentle moment where laughter subsides.

Companion of love, unstoppable the hugs, I feel them everyday, whether your near or far away. Impatient am I, the absence can make the spirit cry, but I know through heart and mind, you're always here with me. No fantasy nor images of dreams, supported by the heart I'll sing of the love you given to me.

Merely words if deaf ears they fall,
but when they landed in your heart
it was start of it all.

Once when I was thirsty and needing
of love, now overflows like a river
where happiness is spun.
The pleasure of the moment is when I'm with you,
as nothing can replace the magic of love times two.
Since my love poems have been selling well and I am fighting a stomach virus, I thought what better time to dwell on that which brings me the most happiness...love.


Along the path of trial and err, I found the experiences to be true, for all the sorrow that rained down, your love came shining through. You gave me strength and courage through the rays of your love and there is no questioning that you have my undying love.
Forever Love

This love so precious, magical and kind, everlasting is the love of you and I.The sun began shining that day long ago and it keeps getting brighter on the once darkened road. You pulled me closer, my hand you held and like a summer day you cast your spell. There was no stumbling though my legs were weak, as I fell to my knees and rejoiced in disbelief. The love that you and I share, just keeps getting better and better each year.

The struggles seem to lesson, the heaviness was gone, the day you took my heart and gave to it a song. The words of love unchallenged, my honor I bestow and as each moment passes from my soul the melody flows. Where once our souls were parted, together they now remain and growing ever stronger ignites the passion into a flame.

Many speaks of treasures filled of silver and gold,
but more precious is the gem which in my heart I hold.

The Chords of Love

This isn't your typical love song, you'll hear no words from my lips, the music played from my heart, the very day when you stroke the chords of love. Nothing has ever been the same, your love surrounds me day and night and when I wake up in the morning, I shake from the love that held me tight.

This isn't your typical love song, you'll hear no words from my lips, the music played from my heart the very day, when you stroke the chords of love. Sounds all around me, the music softly plays, a haunting in the making, a joy that never fades away.

This isn't your typical love song, you'll hear no words from my lips, the music played from my heart the very day, when you stroke the chords of love. I reached out into the darkness, I grasped to feel nothing but the air and when I opened up my eyes it verified that you were not here.

This isn't your typical love song, you'll hear no words from my lips, the music played from my heart th very day, when you stroke the chords of my heart.When you stroke the chords of my heart.

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