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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Morning My Love

In accepting your love I have come to understand
the reality of an unselfish love.

Love is truly the energy that fuels the heart.


In your arms for a moment,
in your heart for life,
the dreams of love are such a delight.

Today, tomorrow and forever.
It is the heart that has spoken...


Each glimpse of the rays of sun upon the late spring fern
comes with a reminder of how truly warm and
wonderful your love really is.
One look into the heart reveals the meaning of a day.

I rejoice in the moment for love has indeed surfaced.
I spent the earlier part of the day working in the greenhouse, there is something amazing about taking a seed and nurturing it to maturity. I find it to not only be rewarding in the sense of an accomplishment with nature, but also a calm that comes with being one with the world around you.
The more I understood the amazing qualities of plants, the more it all seems to make sense, that all the gifts necessary for a life of and enrichment and fulfillment are at our fingertips. Today has the makings of an early day in summer, the sun has a brightness to it that shines down upon the plants that can only be seen and felt at this time of year. The wind almost mellow, tickled the leaves of the trees into a world of fantasia, almost as if like a hand held Asian fan they wave gently waving in the air.
The day reminded me much of that in childhood. It didn't seem as if there were many days when you weren't doing something, but when that happened it stuck with you. I am not sure why that is, a warm summer day, gentle winds, silence that almost sings to the soul and a unity with the moment. Ahhhh, I think I do recognize the moment as it is the embrace of contentment. No barriers to separate the souls as it is love which bridges one to another. In my acceptance of all that is, I stand in celebration of my hearts desire. There is a certain pleasure that can be had when hearts connect. I found that the beauty of life became even more so, as if we were the artist and the canvas of life awaited for our bit of artistry upon the moment.
I semi giggled as I remembered my very first experience on a canvas, the child who tried to bring colors to life. As I again viewed the many colors which reflect from the heart and soul, the variances become a representation of the beauty of life, the magic of the dreams and the chapters that have yet to be written. We relate to the colors early on as simple pleasures in which we have been introduced to. The yellow of the sun, warm wonderful and amazingly bright, the green of the trees on a summer day, the red of apples that reminds of growth, the blue of the sky which shares with us a view of infinity and the darkness that is revealed through the color of black. We call them primary colors, they are the platform from which all dreams will develop.

This is my canvas,
I paint it with love
and the sun shines
down on it from
high up above.

This is my dream,
to share it with you,
in hopes that we can
make them all come

This is my soul in
a revelation of sort,
to reveal all my love
with each day a
little bit more.

Every dream, every star in the sky,
every thought combines your heart
with mine.

I Love you!

The simplicity of life begins with the seeds of love.


Sings>Keep the sunshine in the morning and a smile on your face, keep the warmth between us in your heart where the intricate patterns of love are laced. A blue sky that keeps getting bluer and a dream that waits to come true, in the miracle of life that directed me to you. Keep the sunshine in the morning and a smile on your face, keep the warmth between us in your heart where the intricate patterns of love are laced.

I wake each morning to your sweet love, so very precious it must have been sent from God above. I hold it close, I have yet to let it go, wonderful this feeling that seems to just grow and grow. There in the morning, there all day long and when I close my eyes at night it's there like a midnight song. Soothing it relaxes, filled with peace and calm, your love has entered my heart, where it always belonged.

Sings>My first thoughts always turn me to you, for you are my sunshine,my skies of blue. I feel the happiness as it dust the darkest hold and reveals the love that daily unfolds. Love has spoken and the words are so ever true, that nothing could be more wonderful, than me and you.

Good Morning my love,good morning to you,
good morning my sweetheart I love you, I do.

Good Morning sunshine, good morning to you,
Good morning to the rays of sun that shine down
on you.

La la la a song or two, la la la my heart says I do.
La la la, the dreams I have of you, La la la all say
that I love you.

Good morning my love, good morning to you,
good morning my sweetheart, I love you, I do.


Here is the truth as the truth reveals,
your love so wonderful is what I feel.

Lifts me up on cloudy days to see
beyond the skies of gray.

It was my gift to give and easily I might say,
and as I opened up my heart you stepped into stay.

The ultimate experience like a birth of a new
star, brighter and brighter the flame of love was born.

The sky of crimson shadows, fire like and a blaze,
in the silhouette of my dreams, it is in your arms I lay.


Sings>Early in the morning when I first open up my eyes, it
is always you my love, in my heart and on my mind. The
magic almost impossible to describe as it took my soul completely
by surprise. The blanket of blue comforts with the clouds as
we embrace the love that we both found.

Inside Out

I'm walking all around and everyone
can see, that it is you my darling
in and out of dreams

Inside out and all can get a chance to
see the the love you have given that's
now a part of me.

My sunshine in the morning, my stars
at night, the joy that gives meaning to
this squirrely bit of life.

The rainbows we created, never fade
away, they are created of colors of
every hue and shade.

They bridge the mountains both day
and night, to bring to me your love
which feels so right.

Inside out and it reveals, the happiness
that your love instills.

The smile on my face a door way to
the heart and when you opened it,
I knew we'd never part.

Angels must have been working over
time, giving their consent, they made
the day yours and mine.


Mark said...

You are living a life of love.

Mathew said...

You should try to sell your artworks on ebay.

Anonymous said...

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