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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Words written for you...

From my lips a kiss,
to your heart my love,
from the moment we met
I danced on clouds above.

From my soul a dream,
to your life a memory
charted in the stars
where angels sing.


I go on believing,
wanting it to be so,
remembering the love
I'll never let go.

It taught my heart to sing,
my soul to dance and
gave the words of love
a tale of romance.


Margie said...

Dear Rachel
I cone here and read all the beautiful poems you share and I feel better.
(I so love this one.)

I have not been on blogs this week as my poor Golden is suffering (and when he suffers, I suffer! ...)
Jake will have surgery next Wednesday to repair his torn knee, this is the 2nd surgery in less than 2 years ... first the left knee and now the right ..
Please say a little prayer for him as it is going to be rough ..
I probably will be taking a blogging break very soon and it will be for a while ..

Sending you xx's

Rachel C Miller said...

Being a pet lover as well, I can understand your pain and love for your animal. I to had golden retrievers and I know that they suffer hip dysplasia. My prayers to you and to your loving pets.
I never thought I could get close to another animal after my Dixie passed away but years later Molly a miniature poodle has stolen my heart.
The love you share with your pet is as important to them as is to you. They sense your love and that will bring peace to both of you.

Be well