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Friday, August 15, 2014

Poet of Love ... I like that Margie!

Love is rather simple,
pure as the fallen snow
and it is always in my heart,
wherever I may go.

Like clouds in passing
and the dreams that I adore,
for they always cast you the
lead in my forevermore.

It has been a busy day, I canned the too die for kosher pickles and pickled red beets. I worked in the garden, created a few terrariums for market and briefly weeded. The weather is rather pleasant, but almost bitter sweet. For temperatures which are moderate and comfortable, are completely out of character for August. I preferred to have really hot weather so I could complain oooooooooh how hot it is, yet I am able to get more done today.
When working my mind is rather busy and I rarely drift into the clouds, but the moment I am still my mind takes over. Some peoples say it is a gift, to have empathy, others define it as having a heart and a few have said I was overly sensitive. How one might describe it , I see it as walking through the garden gates of love.
In a world where we are surrounded by negativity, the thought that one can escape through the written word and find them self at peace and contentment is an amazing feat granted us by the earth and the heavens above us.
Many times I have found myself wanting things that are occasionally outside my reach.That is when I step back take another look around and review our vulnerabilities based on the limited time we have upon this earth. Circumstance can redirect a path that can seem at one time to be very matter of fact.  So I take a detour through the gardens gates of love and explore the beauty that life provides us with.

The moment I gazed at the trees on the hill,
the sun was shining and the wind was still
and at that moment it was no surprise that
you were beside me both day and night.

Wherever I travel, whatever I do,
I carry our love to see me through.
From the first hello , a love story
we found, written by the heavens
and scripted on the passing clouds.

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Margie said...

That's exactly who you are and this writing proves it ...