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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Garden of Love

It was a piece of sandstone,
a rock is what many would see,
but as I looked a little closer
it was a heart that appeared to me.
It took many years,
for the stream to erode away,
but for me it took a moment
to see the love in my day.
 The rose battled the rains,
it stood tall against the wind
and then there was the insects
that challenged the buds as
their petals opening began.

Natures revelation
the secrets in the day,
as the petals opened
life showed the way.

I spent my day out in the sun,
at first it was to ease my restless mind
and as I walked the gardens
I felt your hand in mine.

The storms had kept a distance,
the rains are a day away and
as I took to dreaming,
my heart was free of pain.


I felt a bit lonely,
till I looked up to the sky,
as I gazed unto the heavens,
your hand locked tight with mine.

Some things are for the moment,
but our love is for all time,
as you are never very far
you are always in this heart of mine.


In my garden there are flowers to see,
like rainbows that bridge you to me.
There is the sun in the morning,
moonlight at night and the dreams
that bring the romance to life.

Silk in white blows gentle in the wind
and you my sweet give a loving spin.
The blanket of love from you and I
warms this weary heart of mine.

Love is the gift
given from above,
like the stars in the night
and the moon shining bright,
your love is the gift that
I hold so dear,
it's each moment we
 made time toshare.


Through my heart I see,
through my heart I feel,
the sweetness of love
so pure and real .

The world takes on
a different view,
because of the love
me and you.

My morning was uneasy
and so I quickly escaped,
I took another journey
in the dreams that
lovers make.

From the mountains,
to the ocean,
to the forest and the hills,
searching the world over
found the moment surreal.

Love led you to me,
you held me close and tenderly.
There is nothing to replace it,
the love you gave to me,
as I hold it in my heart
for all eternity.

The poems bring you closer,
like a script from the heart
and played out in my dreams
bring light to the dark.

I know that you are listening
for I sent my love your way,
via the wind, I have sent
a kiss a day.

Love is powerful,
magical indeed
it can take nothing
and create a dream.

It erases the darkness,
gives light to the say,
so powerful our love
that led you my way.

It is rather  simple
to share a love so kind,
that is why I hold you
in my heart for all time.

Like a shield from the evil,
like  a doorway to the heavens high,
your love is so wonderful
it lights up my life.

There were those in passing,
more than just a few
a calendar man or two
that never understood the truth.

Love is not to be taken lightly,
it lives with in the heart,
gives meaning to the stars,
bridges soul to soul.

It takes one,
to hold on to love,
to never let it go,
sow and watch it grow.

It takes the love of you and I,
to give meaning to this life,
to journey forevermore
no matter what is in store.

There were those in passing,
more than just a few,
a calendar man or two
that never understood the truth.

1 comment:

Margie said...

Such a beautiful poem, Rachel
I loved it and the title is perfect "poet of love"