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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Million Ways To Say I Love You

Sail the sky blue,
hold on tight,
don't let go,
sail the sky blue.

Sail the sky blue,
cloud jumping,
sweet loving,
sail the sky blue.

Sail the sky blue,
heart to heart,
forever yours,
sail the sky blue.

I am as wealthy as can be,
I have love and I have dreams,
priceless is the day,
when you first came my way.

I am as happy as can be,
I have you and you have me,
friendship set on fire,
love that truly inspires.

I am as grateful as can be,
I have the fondest memories,
the moment you touched my heart
and brought joy from a far.

Fingers on lips,
vibrations hum of love,
haunting sounds
of the innocence above.

Dreams in the making,
reality conspires,
to ignite,
our hearts on fire.
I speak of love,
I whisper your name,
words of happiness
and I have never been the same.

Everything that happens,
is a path of desire,
that led me to you
and changed the very hour.


There is no room for sadness,
no heart break or fear,
for you are in my heart
and through the written word
I share.

Souls embraced as one,
no matter the journey,
nothing can stop
the magic of love.

I watched the rose blooming,
it opened up before my very eyes,
the fragrance was very haunting
and it caught and held the memories
in my mind.

I tried to hold still the moment,
to not let go of the day,
when your heart collided into mine
and merged in an auspicious kind of way.


Some write of beginnings
and a few write of ends,
but I write of eternity
where there is neither
a beginning nor and end.

The ship sails as sea,
the sun lights the sky,
the blue bird sings a song
and your love will always
be mine.

Dreams are the catalyst
that brings you to me,
I close my eyes and
your in my arms where
you were always meant to be.


I send to you my love,
sailed on every summer breeze
to leave a kiss upon your lips
as I embrace the dreams.

I invited the clouds
to script your name,
but the wind  blew
and it began a new day.

I took to the heavens,
to the stars up above,
to rearrange the order
to spell out our love.

Eternal messages
for all to see,
the meaning of true love
and what you mean to me.

I gathered the seasons,
each and everyone ,
from spring through winter
to embrace our love.

Spring brings renewal,
summer memories make,
fall a reminder of color
to keep us warm through
the winter days.
I strip down before you
and this is what you'll see,
in my heart a reflection
of the love as it should be.

The true revelation,
whispers your name
and nothing can change
what took my heart that day.

One or a million,
the words rearranged,
are all about you
and the love that
came our way.

Written in the heavens,
sent down from above,
redirecting hearts
down the path of love.

I love you,
as simple as that,
I love you,
as wonderful as can be,
 I love you.

I love you,
a dream in the making,
I love you,

1 comment:

Margie said...

Just beautiful...
You are 'the poet of love'
and a wonderful one ...