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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Common Words for an Uncommon Love

I grew up in the over the rainbow era. Where you somehow think that like the song, " somewhere over the rainbow, way up high , there is dream." But of course that same movie reminds you that everything you need is right there around you. We have the ability to make our own happiness, create our own reality , live our own dreams. While driving down the road this morning, the sky was indeed a beautiful blue and the sun warm and bright and on a scale of one to ten, it was a twelve.
Love is a power house of emotion and positive experience that guides us through our life. I couldn't help but be thankful for all the opportunities I was granted. I noticed in the garden this week how quick the beautiful roses faded. It gives you a mix of emotions, it might be the one last hurrah for summers blooms and yet it brings with us a reminder of the end of a season and the start of a new one.

Many colors,
varied hues,
a bloom a day
life a new.

Season in passing,
hello and goodbye,
sprinkle with sorrow
and filled with delight.

Love is all around,
it touches the heart
and brings the heavens

Dance sweet love,
dance with me,
I am here waiting
in my nightly dream.


There are chapters on sorrow,
where sadness makes a play
and though I wish them a way
a bit of heartache remains.

But on a good note this
much I can say,
that love brought a joy
that never fades away.

I try to forget the darkness
not to give it a thought,
to replace it with happiness
that to my heart was taught.

Tears that fall slowly down the cheek and
smiles that remind me it wasn't all a dream.
Whispers of the heart that speak of love,
souls soaring up above.

I'll try to explain,
I'll tell you how I feel,
the words of love not spoken
can be heard like elephants
stampeding through a field.

Tears like storms in passing,
flood like a river from its bank,
flow through the heart and
skip from star to star.

I thought I was missing you
and that I was here all alone,
as the songs of love were haunting
like a nightmare where you let me go.

I faced the mountains,
I spoke to the wind,
whispered of our love
and the parting of souls a sin.
My heart keeps singing and I keep dreaming
of the love found in each of my smiles.
Between you and I a sunrise,
no matter where we go.
Your heart with mine is a
love that grows and grows.
No words between us,
only love to prevail,
of the meeting of souls
and unwritten tale.

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Margie said...

Love always prevails ... love this poem ...