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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

...and on fire it is.

Dreams are where the conscious meets with the subconscious. I woke up in the middle of a dream to what felt like a clip out of a movie. It seemed so very real, I could almost feel the moment and sense your being. My heart was racing as I reviewed the dream in my mind as I tried to hold still the moment in my desire to capture forever the magic that occurred.

I use to have this reoccurring dream of a little girl throughout my life, so much so that the character became very much a part of my thoughts. In the dream the closer I got to her, the quicker she disappeared, until I was always at the same window peering into a room void of a person, but perfect down to even the smallest details. It was very descriptive but in away kind of disturbing as I tried to understand the meaning of the dream.

There are various kinds of dreams, the ones where we are asleep and are very much out of our control and those which I quaintly describe as daydreams. Some are filled with hope for the future and the desire for the possibilities life grants us.

I dare to dream my hand gently placed in yours, to feel the
warmth of the moment without any existing demands.

I dare to feel your energy and allow your love to infuse,
and believe that on this journey we have nothing to lose.

I dare to stand at the gates of desire and to allow your
spirit to set my soul on fire.


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