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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Close enough to feel each beat of your heart
and taste your kisses sweet as I melt in
your arms.

Close enough to whisper the words of
love, to you my darling who was sent
from the heavens above.

Close enough that you will surely know,
how wonderful this love is and how
rapidly it has grown.

Close enough that in the dark of night
you'll see the images of love bonded
like stars to the night.

Close enough for you my love to
absorb each and every breath, from
early morn till the sunset comes
to rest.

Close enough to feel our flesh to
flesh and give our souls the peace
so they can gently rest.

Close enough that I can tell you
just how much I care and give
to you my heart with each moment
we share..

Sings>Whispers darling I love you,
love you more with each breath I take
and as I close my eyes I feel the
tenderness of your sweet embrace.

Whispers darling I love you, I love
you in the most wonderful of way,
from my heart and soul I give
you a love that surely won't fade.

Whispers darling I love you,
love you more and more each day,
that's the magic of our love as it
grows more beautiful with each day.

I raced the sun to shine down on you
and shower my love from the blue. My
heart felt the magic of our souls embrace,
where the moment is empowered by the
dreams heaven creates.

La la la I love you, La la la my dear,
la la la I need you, La la la right here.

Early in the morn before the sun has yet to rise,
the music of love caught me by surprise, Dancing
with you in a dream coming true, I sang with
out words of my love for you.
La la la I love you, La la la my dear,
la la la I need you, La la la right here.

Working the trade shows you always find someone is who looking to barter.
Kind of like the Native Americans Trading blanket where you trade one of
your items for what you think is of equal value. This is where you see the
differences in value are not always the price tag placed on an item. I have
seen that in life it is sometimes a trade off based on~
what we believe.
I bartered with the heavens,I'll give my soul for just one day, to feel his
arms so tender and embrace in a loving way. The heavens replied,
"everything comes in good time, you keep your soul and give to life
the beauty and the gift of love will be returned in the most amazing way."
It's the road before us, the mountains high,
the journey of life which alters the time.
The Rivers are frozen, no rainbows in the sky,
and still I can feel your love charm this soul of mine.
The hills stand in silence, listening is their game,
they patiently await the season, where they paint
the hills with the most colorful of shades.
The roots are buried deeply and the leaves are no
longer on the tree, dormant it waits for spring to
display the love of you and me.
The trees sway with the wind, their branches bow
to the ground, if you watch closely, it's as if they
are giving to us a smile.
The truth of love entwines, it knows the seasons
embrace all of time. You can hear if you dare to
listen,you'll hear the song of love meant for you
and I.
The twilight dance, in the dark of the heavens high,
sent to me your arms to hold me through the night.
I embark with you upon this journey, I accept the
willingness with heart soul and mind, to live as
life was meant to be,with my true love by myside.

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