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Thursday, December 03, 2009

...such is love

The complexity of our character teeters on the threads of our imagination. Each experience and person we meet will stimulate internally creating an outward response to life. The depth of our personality is like the many layers of the earth, from a field of emotion to a mountain of curiosity. It is our competence to sift through and retain that which will allow us to achieve on both a personal and academic level.
On the surface of our character is that which we want people to see, the positive strains of our personality,those which attract people, our intellect, humor, views of the world and how we digest the daily experiences. Because the mind and spirit is a complex set of neurons, like fillers that reach out in a sensory mode to those we come in contact with, we are constantly morphing. What stimulates and encourages the various threads of emotion? I think it depends on which part of us is stronger or weaker. The diversity of action is in the response we have to the people around us. It would be my conjecture that there is something to the philosophy that" we do become like the company we keep" Can we out grow an experience? It is definitely possible for one being to be trapped on one level or another and not see the growth potential of their own soul.
There is a heaviness or a weight of treading in yesterdays waters. Tiresome and bewildered without direction one becomes overwhelmed by the rise of the water. Making it to shore reveals
our strength even though the waves return as a reminder of a moment of weakness. More complex and with the ability to retain, the mind becomes a battle ground in which all thoughts fight to remain above the heaviness of a thousand seas.
It might be that we lean towards being gregarious and that our tendency to need people places us on a stage of vulnerability. The energy level can be attributed to the excitement, the release of emotion and all that comes within a comfort zone.
There are other factors that are much more important such as our willingness to trust and the sincerity of our actions. When we open our heart, we are allowing another soul a place within our very own. What are the consequences of our thoughts and actions? Depends on which threads are taunt against the canvas and which threads will break under pressure. When our consciousness meets with the unconsciousness a revelation of the depth of our being is placed on display.

I am yesterday, today and tomorrow.


I have met crazy, lust and love
and only love holds me in the
night, warms my spirit and
soothes my soul.

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