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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, December 14, 2009

I See

I see the sunshine brightly each morn,
the happiness that friendship has born.
I see the road that winds up ahead and
the hand to hand walk around each and
every bend.

I see the dreams each and every night,
simply by closing my eyes and giving
my heart sight. Dancing up on heavens
high, the embrace of love is gently

I see the stars as they twinkle for you
and I and the magic of stardust falling
down from the sky. The love you give
to me and the gift of forever where
our love meets eternity.

Listen to my heart,
rhythmic with desire,
each beat ignites a
bigger fire.

Listen to the song,
and the music of the
soul, whispers of love
a treasure to hold.

Listen to the moment,
as birds sing upon the vine
to the melody of love which
soothes my troubled mind.

Listen to the angels and the
words of love they speak,
their invitation is to you
and me.

How beautiful the moment sweetened by memories, and cast unto the heavens to recreate the dreams.
Time had simply spoken its magic now revealed, it replaced the abyss with a love that you can truly feel.
I spoke to the wind, I told it so, "wind, wind to him please go ." " Wake his spirit with whispers brief of a love so wonderful and sweet." The wind was anxious I could hear its howl as it gathered my kisses for the long, long miles. The journey farther than a man could walk, but as hearts would have it, it's a moments stop. I spoke to the wind, I told it so, " wind, wind to him please go. " Wake his spirit with whispers brief of a love so wonderful and sweet.
The trees no longer blossom nor
are they dressed in summer green.
Bare they stand darkened and only
their branches can be seen.
Dormant they rest for the day when
spring will again arrive and share in
the gifts of life, with fruits and a
image fine.
The World
I thought the world needed changing,
awake up call indeed, to drape from
the heavens the wonderous sweet
love of peace.

It seemed no one was listening and
in the darkness I heard a cry and
the angel whispered " darling, peace
comes from the inside. "


Many winters had passed and I wondered,
how I'd survive and God must have been
listening as he sent you to journey side by side.

We gathered the season and like smoke from a
fire, we tossed it to the wind and created a new
day, moment to hour.

We took to the heavens where only souls can
meet and in the morning we awaken from the
dance with memory.

Blue birds took to migrating, no flowers now in
bloom and yet I can still see paradise through
the sky of blue.

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Mark said...

All very well written! You are full of love.