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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Throughout our life we find ourselves making promises. Sometimes they are the once a year new years resolution and other times they are just a moment in the thought process. I promise to call, to pick something up, to obligate oneself to a person place or moment in time. I found that by adhering to the promises we expose our character as if we were turning ourselves inside out and providing the world a veiw of our innerself.
I think about how we are taught from early on to be as a good as our word. From the time we start kindergarten we have already learned the promise proccess. " I promise to be good, to learn well, to not get dirty" as we mature our promises expand from family to friends to our social and marital network.
It was seven years ago that I wrote " My Promise". I have lost track of how many pieces of My Promise has sold to date. Many people believed that this particular poem reflected their own life and somehow was written for them. It was written from the strongest of my emotions at the weakest time of my life. It was at the beginning of a new journey, one where the gates of life were opening and a new day was revealed. My Promise was a reminder that I shall never forget and how life is a network that branches out a it relies on each moment to reveal the next step.
Today I am much more aware of my capabities,what I can and cannot do and to those whom I owe great thanks. I promise to do my best and succeed in the alloted time given by life, to change the world in a positive way and to leave behind a legacy that will be as simplistic and uncomplicated as life should be. "My Promise, I shall never time deafen the sound of your voice on the darkest days laughter will replace tears."

The New Day

I promise you sunshine on cloudy days,
to warm your heart in the most wonderful way.

I promise you dreams, dreams that come true,
a lifetime of love for me and for you.

I promise you blue birds will sing of our love,
and celebrate from the heavens above.

I promise you to always be true, to live and
to love as God would have us do.

I promise you friendship unscathed by the cold,
a place in my heart as our story unfolds.

I promise the wind will reach out to you, with
all of my kisses to see the day through.

I promise to love you and love you I do, to
make your heart glad as your soul to soars in the blue.

I promise you laughter for the rest of your life,
a promise of forever that makes this journey right.

I promise you truth from deep inside and the words
of my love for the rest of my life.

I promise each morning to hold your hand and to
kiss you good night till your eyes are heavy with sand.

I promise these words in time will reveal, how
wonderous our love and how good it feels.


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