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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter Day

I can soar like an eagle in flight,
high above the clouds where
dreams are all that's in sight.

We have each moment of a
new day and the tomorrow's
where memories are made.

I'm dancing on winters times, to songs played in my mind of you and I. I'm dreaming of a summer day, where you and I will have our way, under a summer blue. I'm singing silly songs, from my heart, a sing along with you and I.

I say it's possible, I know it to be true,
love has the ability to travel the blue.
It exist from the earth to the heavens high,
the magic of love that makes you mine.

Love... unconditional, indescribable energy.

I have seen it in the heavens as I gazed into the stars,
and felt its very power ignite the flame within my heart.
I didn't wish upon the moment or dream it to be so,
but along came the day and I was no longer alone.

There is no place for yesterday,
for today I lay claim. Smiles that
make you sing and dreams of
what tomorrow may bring.

Hold still I'm sending kisses,
don' t you move or they just
might miss ya. Hold still
I'm sending kisses to you.

Hold still and let the sky
surround, it's my hug to
let you know I'm around.
Hold still and let the sky
surround you.

Hold still and let the
wind blow, whispers of
how I love you so. Hold
still and let the wind
blow my love to you.

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