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Monday, November 30, 2009

Dancing on Clouds

I can remember the first time I danced on clouds. What is dancing on clouds and what stimulates the spirit in such away that it is lifted to the heavens? The euphoria that reaches into the heart and spins it in circles is created through many an experience. The first time I felt that excitement move my inner spirit was with the colliding of kindred spirits. Kindred spirits think on the same level, except and respect, almost in away as if we are drawn to our own kind. Sometimes this draw has to do with the way we think, the way we view the world and other times it has to do with the moving of emotions.
I do believe that we are drawn into situations by a deep desire to share in all that life has to offer. The beauty of life is in the knowledge attained. Some would call it useless knowledge, but I don't believe anything is useless. In the domino effect, everything comes into play when we look at the outcome. Through the years I have experienced many emotions which created an uncontrollable desire to dance on the clouds. Capable of absorbing the energy and applying it to the days events, I find the control of my future creates the most uncontrollable dance of excitement.

Dancing on clouds,
your soul and mine,
a dance in the heavens,
in the blue of the sky.

The euphoria escapes
from deep inside,
filled with happiness
I just can't hide.

I am happy to be here,
to hold your hand, to
accept the journey
through uncharted lands.

Rainbows and stardust,
moonbeams and dreams
all have their place,
in our memories.

Dancing on clouds,
you're here with me,
and we are celebrating,
what was meant to be.

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