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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, November 06, 2009

Concept of Love

Light to the darkness,
fulfillment to the emptiness,
completion to the journey.

I believe in the bonding of souls,
in my darkest hour a smile emerged.


In this troubled world love replaces hate and anger
with peace and harmony.
I believe no one person should alter the journey
without the consent of the others soul.

My happiness is powered by the magic of dreams.

The greatest of minds dared to define love,
when love is simply the absence of hate.

We cannot change the face of evil,
but we can give refuge to the soul.

Built by love, maintained by happiness,
infused with desire, welcome to our cloud.


Mark said...

Love overcomes all!

Gail said...


I wanted to come by and "thank you" 'in person', so to speak, :-) for your helpful and understanding words to me over at Mark's blog. And your blog is lovely.


Rachel C Miller said...

Thank You Mark for you visit..love is indeed powerful.

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Gail,
You are most certaintly welcome. I am glad that you have found my response to your situation to be of some comfort.

Cindee said...

I have been following along as you write each and I must say you have a wonderful way of expressing yourself.


Rachel C Miller said...

Thank You!