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Thursday, November 12, 2009

What is a friend?

There has been so much written about friendship, explaining, describing and sharing in a bond between two people. As I felt a certain amount of accomplishment this morning, I looked at the spool that held the early morning orders. It looks like an ordinary desk accessory, but in depth it is much more. In this organizational tool is a look at friendship, respect, empathy, loyalty and honesty. It is a semblance of our friendship, the willingness for one person to care, understand and through good and bad of it all believe. The nourishment that friendship receives comes from the mutual gift of love shared between such friends.
Because you believe so much,
I surfaced above the water and
took in the air that was infused
with your love.
Because you sense my strengths,
as well as my weakness, you embrace
both my heart and my soul.
Because you dared to open your heart
and share the depth of your being, you
warmed my spirit with a blanket of trust.
Because you took my hand, comforted my
heart and led my soul, I was able to learn
and achieve in the arms of patience.
Because you know the ultimate sacrifice
and still find a willingness to keep me
close in heart.
Because you know the importance of
the journey and the security that comes
from a hand in hand walk.
Because my circle is your circle and my
world your world the love that encompasses
us growns stronger with each day.
Troubled spirit, some would hide, but you my
friend stood by myside. Kisses sweet in the
wind,to you my love I always send.
Your heart you give, it's gentle and kind
and there is where I rest my mind.

Fed the hungry soul and to my heart
a gentle hold, love you rarily fine,
makes you darling all mine.

Sings >La la la the words are sung for you, la
la la it's what our love can do.

Love is when you don't have to try...
Sings> Angel stepping, angel dance with me,
angel kisses, like the first kiss of spring.
You are my sunshine, warm and bright,
the sunshine in the morning and night,
you took my dreams and through them I sing.
Angel stepping, angel dance with me,
angel kisses, like first kiss of spring.

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Margie said...

I just got caught up on reading all your wonderful posts.
Sorry I have not been around but so glad to be back here at your blog.

I so loved this post ...it is just lovely!

Thank you!