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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Do do do do do , do do do...just you and me.

To embrace the heavens is to fill the infusion of love deep within our soul.


Those who admit their need for love
are capable of viewing the reflection of their soul
as it embraces life and those we choose to love.
As the flames dance in shadows upon the wall,
the flickering of light created a calm
Yeah, yeah... I wanna hold your hand.

The final outcome is not nearly as important
than how you live each moment.
Love cradles with the most gentlest of embrace.

Forever isn't long enough...
There is never pain in loving... so speaks the heart.

I have been spending the day cleaning out closets and dresser drawers. Amazing what accumulates. Separating through it all and deciding what needs tossed and what I can donate and of course what it I wish to keep. It seem today more like breaking into a beehive and listening to all the buzz of the swarm inside. Talk about the mind straying and becoming overactive as I dusted off old memories. What does it all mean and what part does it all play in who I am today? I actually could see stages of my life, from moments when I had it all together to an array of reminders which hinted on the time period when I felt somehow lost in it all.


I dusted off a memory and I held it for awhile,
a reminder of the laughter and your beautiful
smile. The words were simple and yet they
meant so much to me, they built a bridge
of love to the cross the deepest sea.

I could sense your being in every word you wrote,
and feel your heart beat with every music note.
The songs of love, the magic of a dream and the
days passed came flooding back to me.

I placed all my hopes and a few desires and tucked
them safely away as a remembrance of the hours.
The days we shared, the love we gave and the road
traveled and the mountains that caved.

I dusted off a memory and I held it to my heart,
I felt the magic renew the spark. The images of
loving, a world where is all is right and a day
with you my love it like sunshine in the dark.

You're the love that wakes me in the morning
and kisses me goodnight, the song that keeps
me dancing throughout all of my life.

Sings>Do do do do do, do do do
come along and sing with me,
you don't need words,can't ya
hear the birds, a love song for
you and me.

Do do do do do,do do do
come along and sing with me,
it's easy to follow from the
hills to the hollow, the music
right out of our dreams.

My feet are skipping and my
heart beat stepping to the love of
you and I, as we dance in the
blue of sky.
Do do do do do, do do do
come along and sing with me,
the melody inviting and the
song striking the keys in
all of my dreams.
Do do do do do, do do do,
come along and sing with me,
sing it low and sing high, you're
sing right by myside.


Grabs your tie and pulls you close to create
a memory, loved filled kisses and a hug or
two , I'll leave all my love with you.
You can't shake it, you can't hide my love
will always find, a moment away, a shared
day a warm and wonderful dream with you.


I felt the warmth of a thousand suns,
the kiss of your undying love,
the moment you held me close,
I heard the angels whisper a verse.
Faster and faster my heart beat, the
more I knew how much you meant to me,
your the blue of the heavens, the joy of the
earth, the love song sung by the blue birds.
I felt the warmth of a thousand suns,
the kiss of your undying love,
the moment you held me close,
I heard the angels whisper a verse.
Silk and glitter, I think it photographed well,
I held the fabric to my cheek and the images
of my love fell.

Did he ever feel my love or sense the racing
of my heart? Did he understand our bonding
and why my soul fought the darkest dark?

I have never forgotten and I suppose that I
never will, I did everything I could to make
him happy, is it possible that he could me still.

Satin trimmed in lace, soft and silky lingerie,
I wanted only to share my soul and to give
to him my heart to hold.

Do you think of me? I'm thinking you,
did you ever love me? like I love you.
I'll never know and you'll never tell,
as I wish on the wishing well, as I
wish on the wishing well.

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