Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Prose...a glance at life through my soul.

To void my heart of your love
would be to empower the emptiness.
You make a great king...

Nothing speaks louder than or sings softer
than a heart infused with love.
The soul free from restraint, rises above the heavens
in a sweet embrace of love.
Nothing feels more right or more wonderful
than being in the arms of love.
There are many wants and desires that inhabit the mind,
until truth and honesty cross the line. Deep in the heart,the
pleasure we seek, a touch to the soul, a kiss to the cheek.

It's not the path you've chosen, nor the one I write, this journey was scripted by the angels, to direct us to the light. Sun shine in the morning, stars sparkling through the night and in the arms of love I lay without a fight.

The angels were working to come up with a way, to intersect our journeys and a collision make. Many, many years to remove the wrongs and when they got it right they sent me to your arms.

Heaven smiled kindly down on you and I and gave to us the earth and the blue of the sky. Flowers in colors of every shade and hue, a celebration of life and how our love blooms.

Every moment of both day and night, I thank the Lord for the arms that hold me tight. Every moment shared with you, has me the thank the Lord for a dream come true.

Getting a jump start on documenting my forevermore.
Lips to lips go on and place your lips on mine
I'm in your arms for all time.

Today seemed almost as if it was the last of Autumn. There was an eeriness that in away seem to summon my spirit deep into the hills surrounding the hollow. I walked down by the stream and I gazed into the haze that kept the sun from shining through. I recognized each step as if I had indeed memorized every fern and stone along the path. The familiarity stirred a blend of emotion from a certain amount of comfort to a realization that each turn circles back. There were markers along the way that my mind had previously mapped. The hills didn't have the impact that they once did, they weren't nearly as tall as I remembered. The same went for the tree that had fallen across the stream, the log didn't appear as high nor did the water seem to be the threat as it barely trickled down stream.

All but a few leaves had fallen from the trees and they lay like bedding upon the earth. I laid upon the leaves and listened as the crisp cool spring water created sounds that I rarely took the time to listen to. It seem as if the past few weeks had taken its toll. It was the scenario where you are running but you are not moving. I am not sure if it was the battle with time or my own stubborn ways which placed a heavy upon the moment. Like scrambled pieces of a puzzle, I grasped to place all my thoughts in the proper place and to let go of those which bogged the mind.

Closing my eyes, I felt my heart beating faster in the race to walk side by side with your soul. I concentrated on the images which were cast to bring light to the darkness. A chill took hold of me and I quivered momentarily as I tried to shake this feeling of a wind filled kiss as it brushed up against me. It's possible that the dreams were formed as a net to catch the heart and bring a sense of tranquility to my being. Surfacing above the heaviness of the clouds, the sun shines as your love shines in my heart.

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Mark said...

I love your spirit. The song took me back to another life. Thanks for sharing.