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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, November 05, 2009


Paradise is not a fantasy or memory
of the mind nor is it a place or a certain time.
Wonderfully, beautiful a treasure to find,
the magic of Paradise, is when your soul met mine.
When I take into consideration the limits on a day,
how much time we spend together and how far you are away,
I brace myself for all that will be and with each breath I take
I thank the Lord for sending you to me.
Your love accumulates with each moment of a day and as I look into
your heart I can honest say. Our souls were joined and merged into
one and nothing in this world can out flame the love which burns like
the sun.
I don't this work this magic, I don't write the tale, to stories that
are written are under heavens spell. You can it in the ocean and
over the land wide, but the magic that you feel is from deep inside.
The child within laughed
and giggled with delight,
no question of the glory
that gave to darkness light.
The flowers no longer bloom,
their leaves wither away and
as I say goodbye to autumn
winter makes a play.
I wasn't sure how it happen,
or why the with this connection I dwell,
except that he freed my spirit,
which was enslaved from the depths of hell.
My heart felt so impatient it wanted yesterdays
delight and didn't understand the tone of
music which was relayed without a fight.
I speak of happiness which is derived of heart and soul
and when bonded with my kindred spirit created
the most magnificent and wondrous hold.
Again I ask how many combinations can we describe
love from the limitations of the word of man?
The combinations unlimited for as time will tell,
that one word in front of another will create another spell.
Indefinite is my proposal as long as I shall live and when
I lift unto the heavens, the words of love will transcend.

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Mark said...

Very nice!