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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

No one can predict the future, nor see beyond the stars, but what is revealed in the heavens is seen through your heart. Souls in passing, a glimpse at desire and a love that encompasses magically with each passing hour.

The magic of love is in it's ability to embrace
each and every moment with happiness.
I am ever grateful for the gifts of friendship
which are bestowed upon me in the most amazing way.
I find that my heart speaks of love and
my soul dances with desire.
There is no greater love than that
which treads on the path of respect.
There is a road untraveled,
a mountain left to climb,
a dream to be dreamt and
a day when you'll be mine.
There are stars no one has seen,
beyond the world as we believe,
a paradise in the making,
where love is fancy free.
The Empty Bed Syndrome
Wants you, needs you, to hold me tight,
to kiss me good morning and to kiss me
good night.

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