Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, November 01, 2009

The sky is blue!

The sunlight as it reflects through my bedroom window
is a daily reminder of the gift of love.

Perfect as a puzzle complete in its form is the feeling
that comes over me as passion becomes the norm.

Utmost precision our soul interlocks above, the
sweetest of contentment in the arms of my love.

The first fallen snowflake, wind through my hair
the kiss that only you can feel in the breath of Autumn air.

Imagine the moment and the dreams which brought you here in the magic of a lifetime with you my darling dear. Sitting by the water,smooth and crystal clear, moonlight fantasy like glass appears.I feel your heart beat, I'm mesmerized by the sparkle in your eyes and as if it could last forever I tucked it safely away in my mind. Soft silken touch charismatic as can be, embraces hearts of love as souls soar free. No words do we speak, no song to sing, the whisper of the heavens stamped their approval of our love. Satisfied my spirit, tempts the flesh as well, this magical moment is a heaven cast spell Gaze unto the water as a silhouette appears and you will see the image of the dance flesh and soul shares.

It is the recognition of the heavens that I embrace.

I looked into the depth of my heart and there I saw love as love would have it. My soul spoke as if the wind broke the barriers set by heaven and earth to give to you my love. Gregarious not as the comfort of companionship is not found in the many but in the arms of my love.

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