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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, November 20, 2009

My Sun Light On The Darkest Days

There is always an adjustment period to the spring ahead, fall back time change. The early onset of night brings a quick end to a day. Jokingly I refer to the bears who are smart enough to hibernate for winter. I thought hmmm that doesn't really sound like a bad idea. There is a crucial need for a certain amount of sun light in our life. The light stimulates life with is rays of energy. I think it was seventh grade science class that we learned about the levels of energy from the sun. Sounds like a space odyssey from gamma to cosmic to x ray , infrared and ultraviolet rays. It is no wonder that the sun plays such a crucial part in the creation and continual growth of life. With the shorter days and the lack of sun, I find myself lacking the energy during this readjustment period.
Love to is a force filled with energy, it can alter life in ways that few people ever take the time to think about. In my current feel sorry for me stage, I thought of the craving the flesh has for the pleasure of a simple touch. I placed my head upon the pillow, pulled the blanket up close and my mind traveled not quite like the speed of light, but I do know it was racing. The reoccurring memories seem to haunt my spirit to a state of frenzy. I think I might have cried myself to sleep, not sure of the moment when my subconscious took over.
It is obvious that negative energy feeds negative energy and like a weight tied to a bottomless boat the water dangerously floods. The people who surround us are like a force field that can either protect us, encourage us or the opposite and prevent us from feeling the rays of positive energy.

You found the smile,
gave me the dream,
holds my hand and
allows me to sing.

My wonderful friend,
the light of my soul,
the warmth in my heart
and the treasure I hold.

You stand by me,
given light to the dark,
remove the chill,
allow my soul to heal.

My partner in dreams,
my sweet memories,
directed to me,
beyond the stars and the sea.
My sun light on the darkest of days,
my friend in the most amazing ways.
From the moment I wake up to your kiss,
till I fall fast asleep and dream of the arms I miss.

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Mark said...

We are all energy and we choose what energy we emit. It is our energy which attracts like energy.