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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss can be seen all over South Carolina. It is an air plant which host on what appears to be Southern Oak trees. It has an almost eerie quality to it and yet somehow appears to create aura of romance. It sometimes adds beauty to the area by its spiraling mystique and in other places it seem tos smother the host tree and looks much like that of a weed. I was very much intrigued by this plant that has no obvious roots and could only be compared at a distance only to that of a Weeping Willow.

I share with you my memories,
all that happens day by day,
though our hands are not clasped
as one, your love is with every way.

The sun was brightly shining, the sky
a royal blue and miles and miles
between us couldn't stop by love for you.

The Spanish moss was simple, a piece
slipped through my hands and amazed
at the simplicity and it unique no need

Yet something mysterious was happening
it brought you so ever near and reminded
me of such a love that lives off the blue of
the air.

There is no greater moment,

no magic or suprise, you took

my hand and led me high.

Blue is the sky, blue as can be,

you gave it a clor right out of

a dream.

I started singing and to my

surpise the words, just flowed

from my soul to my mind.


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