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Sunday, November 22, 2009

That little something special

Within Your Heart

We tackled the seasons as they have come and gone as we prepare for the winter and it's very own song. The first fallen snowflake, the dreams of you and I, we'll warm the season, we'll light the sky. The magic of love, the mystery of the dream, can take a mountain and wash it out to sea. No barriers before us,no walls to keep us a part, for I am the love that lives within your heart.

I always felt that being ten years old was one of the most important milestones in growing up. It is the stage of life where you have one foot in childhood and another in the land of double digits. I think it is important because people start to tell you to act your age and yet you can still see the world through the lens of simplicity. I have found that even after all these years, I can still feel that little girl inside, who questions, accepts a new road of awareness and yet finds pleasure in all that life has to offer in a child like manner. I find that I am still able to experience life through the eyes of my inner ten year old. I acknowledge or define a ten year old as a view through life where each moment is seen as the first.

For most of life if not all my life I had this unique connection to nature. It was at times an escape, comfort, a land of paradise and magical, but at times it was also a very lonely place, one that I rarely ever shared with anyone else. From strolling through the hills to gardening or trying to catch a glimpse of wildlife before it catches a view of me. It is like catching a firefly to make a wish on it and let it a fly away, that is the then year olds view of a world much bigger than the one we are existing in.

I had a difficult time talking myself into doing a holiday show and yet it was a joy of an experience. I so absorbed the energy of those around me, loved the attention... oh Yeah I did realize that I enjoyed being pampered. It was all and all a wonderful experience that will remain with me for many years to come.

I believe what is really important is to be able to share all the depth of a personality and to have each part of your being excepted. So my ten year old, sixteen ,nineteen, twenty one, thirty two, and fifty one year old in me decided to write about the simple things that bring the most amount of pleasure.

I'd run through the meadows on a summer day,
catching fireflies to watch them fly away.
I'd race the seasons just to share with you,
all of my dreams as I wait for them to come true.
I'd dance in the moonlight, I'd hold you close to me
and I'd whisper in your ear the words from memory.
I'd wait for the first snowfall, to go out and play, toss
at you at a snowball built in a silly childish way.
I'd sit down by the river, watch the boats go by and
stare at the heavens as the clouds pass on by.
I'd catch snowflakes on my tongue and make silly
angels just for fun.
I'd sit by the fireplace and snuggle close to you,
to hear your heart beat and allow your love to infuse.
I'd roll down a hill as long as you were there waiting
at the bottom of the dreams that brought you here.
I'd sing a silly song, dance all day with you and make
the world a better place by just being there with you.

What is success? when the heart speaks and the soul
follows you have successfully found love.

Your Lips To Mine

Press your lips to mine, taste the sweetness of you and I
when you are here with me and our lips are kissing.

Feel my hands gently trace the outline of your face,
and take it very slow, and let our love flow.

Soft and tender thighs, oh! it is no surprise how silky
the flesh and comfortable the breast.

Pulls you ever close to whisper in your ear,
how much I love you so and how I need you here.

My love is here for you, unconditionally for you, to
love tomorrow more than today.

I hear your heart beat and every breath you breathe,
it is all music, all music to me.

I want it to never end, the words of love I send, to
secure for all time the moments that made you mine.

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