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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Close Your Eyes

When all the words have come together
and no more combinations are to be found,
I'll beckon the heavens to script with stardust,
and sprinkle my forever in a eternal vow.

My heart rejoices with every moment, my
soul ablaze with desire and when I close
my eyes each night I give to the dreams
the power to recreate each and every hour.

The beauty of love is in the kindness bestowed upon the soul.

I embrace the earth and the heavens,
as the gift of love that they are.

Close your eyes my darling,
I'm sending my love, on
a rainbow of happiness with
colors from heaven above.
Close your eyes my darling,
and you will see that I've
been holding you through
your every dream.
Close your eyes my darling,
and i'll kiss you goodnight
and hold you close, till the
morning sunlight.
Close your eyes my darling,
you can't deny that our love
is magical it empowers the sky.
Close your eyes my darling,
and look with your soul, the
merge of spirits a sight to
Closing my eyes and there I see, the
magic of love which brings you to me.

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