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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Just Another Day

It is one of those days where my thoughts are bouncing around. From family to friends and all that encompass us on this ever so short journey. I can't believe we are into the month of August. Like windows in the mountain, the higher you climb the more trials that appear. Kind of reminds me of a horse straddling barriers or jumping over a hurdle. It seems as if everyone is in a survival mode. I find that I have always been a sponge to my surroundings, absorbing all the energy around me. Whether the energy is positive or negative it becomes a part of who I am. Sometimes I can put it all in context as if filing it accordingly to importance. I become ever aware of our capabilities to change or not the circumstances that be fall us.
Call it mind exercise or therapy or the great escape as I take a deep breath close my eyes and imagine life free of the pitfalls. Maybe I just need a few days away or  a lifetime away. Race ya to the clouds

There is place I visit
where peace is all around,
I simply close my eyes
and my heart pounds.

You are there in my memories
in my heart and in my soul,
you're a part of life
in this forever hold.

There is a place I visit
where happiness is found,
I wake up in your arms and
my head is spinning round.


Keep on smiling
no tears today,
you're in my heart
each and every day.

You're the sunrise
that greats me each morn
and the blue of the heavens
where our souls soar.

Keep on believing
no heartache today,
for I love you in
this special way.

You're the stars
that blanket the night
keeping me safe
in your arms for life.

Keep on loving
no sadness here
for I'll keep on loving
that is how much I care.


Unlock my heart
and you will see,
just how much
you mean to me.

Hold my hand,
tighter please
walk through
life with me.

Share a kiss
under skies blue,
announcing all my
love for you.

Unlock my heart
and you will see,
just how much
you mean to me.


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