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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Kitchen Dance

The mind has a way of overcoming the negative and all obstacles by remembering the positive and finding strength in their messages. My parents had a volatile relationship and yet I fondly look back and remember my parents dancing in the kitchen. Music has always been an integral part of my being or shall I say sounds in general. From my earliest memories my father would put his pocket watch under my pillow so I would fall asleep to the tic tock as if it were a lullaby and then to the sounds of the train passing by. That was sometimes replaced by the old transistor radio underneath my pillow.
I don't often have difficult days but today I feel just a bit melancholy. Flooded with memories and losses and my daily grunge I am a tad bit overwhelmed. With all I had to do, I instead went outside seeking solitude in my gardening. The gardening gives the quickest reward for the amount of work involved. It was one of those moments , I could hear the song that my parents use to play and dance to " dearest I love you and I shall always love you, I still belong to you."
Summer is quickly passing and I don't look forward to the fall season. The dark comes early and stays late and the sun deceiving as the trees will soon begin the changing of colors. I am a bit over emotional for that under my control,  I find completely opposite nothing is under my control.  The tears that were hidden behind my eyes for sometime slowly  rolled down my cheek.

The deep fog lifted
as the sun broke through
and at that very moment
I found myself thinking of you.

I thought about your arms
holding me gentle yet tight
and the kisses we would have
if you were with me tonight.

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