Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Monday, September 22, 2008

... tears of joy!

A pillow fight like children, in your arms a kiss or two,
another thousand dreams and it’s always me loving you.

A stroll through the park, I’ll share my lunch with you,
hand in hand through life, it’s what friends do.

A memory in the making, a moment of time,
aging through the years, leaving nothing
left behind.
Phenotypic plasticity is the concept where organisms evolve in an adaptation of environmental changes. I find our individual abilities are also capable of evolving as we adapt to our surrounding through educational experiences and the exposure to the ever changing world around us. Knowledge has always been key to growth and yet it is up to the individual to interpret each experience and allow it to transform the mind in a magnitude of ways. The weekend was powerful, in that it opened doorways down roads yet not traveled. I found an acceptance of my peers and a warm welcome from many to be an encompassing experience that had me exploring options yet not developed.
To feed the hunger, one must be open to the fact that the hunger exist.

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