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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, September 22, 2008

... and I speak of love.

When the chill of loneliness drapes over the meadows of despair,
is when I desperatly race to your side to feel the embrace of love.
What do I ask of your love ? I ask only that you command the heavens to embrace the night and allow the stars to shine brightly as a reminder of the power of our union.

What do I expect of your love ? I expect only that on the darkest of days the joy of life which you have infused upon my soul will cradle the moment between the earth and the never ending sky.

What do I desire of your love? I desire only to rest peacefully within your arms, rest my head against the warmth of your body and listen as the beat of your heart breaks all silence.

I accept only that the passage long
and winding leads to your heart.

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