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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Your Memory

The presence of love can be felt with each step through life, this wonderous energy has the ability to place us high above the clouds, in a most magical of bond.

Sings> So gentle your embrace, so sweet a love I taste,
my body next to yours, such a joy to explore.

A moment in time, locked your heart and soul to mine,
the pleasure so Divine, places images in my mind.

I held you close, with the power I chose, to stir my
senses wild and calm this life for a while.

Bridges of my Mind

Distance built a gap, only time could see,
destiny placed the lock, but you had the key.

Walls of hopelessness, foolish thoughts of guilt,
I didn't see the bridge which love built.

Closed my eyes and unlocked through memory,
the warmth of a moment in a summer time breeze.

Felt your arms, holding me tight, there was something
awfully special about the dark of night.

Surfacing, sent down from up above, the Lord sent
the joys of love.

I smiled and I giggled, I sang a song and I couldn't
have done it with out you along.

No sorrow in the script, no room for regret, I took
your hand and I placed a life long bet.

You would be my sunshine, my sky of blue, the
one I turn to, to say I love you.

Dancing in the daylight, embraced in the night,
but the real magic is on this road called life.

I hummed a song of love for you,
it didn't need words for my love to come on through.
A scene on the lake reflects a fire, of the warmth of your love which ignites each hour. Crossing the bridge to the other side, your hand in my hand and your heart next to mine.

The cottage lit and smoke filled the sky and the images of life danced in my mind. There is heartache and sorrow, in yesterdays time, but your love surfaced like aged wine.

The ducks waddling and the dogs asleep and the hollow was silent except for the trees, wind blown whispers reached out to me and touched with the spirit of your memory.

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