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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Guest of the MInd

Raindrops are falling and in the attic I hear, the rhythmic sound of the season in the wind gust filled air. This moment, so beautiful it crest my very dream with mountain views and songs by memory.

The stream filled rivers overflow the banks and my soul inspired gives to you my thanks. Everything is more clearer, it make so much more sense, just the thought of your love, is life at its best.

The truth speaks loudly, in the roar of the sea, and sometimes it whispers, softly from your very heart to me. Yesterday we traveled and tomorrow awaits another chapter of our endless love.

Golden fields, once barren reveal with colors of life and what a heart truly feels. This I assure you, fantasy doesn't play and the love you're experiencing is more real with each day.

Unlocked mysteries to a new day arise, the wonders of life, with you by my side. Partners of spirits, guest of the mind and the joy of love has nothing to hide.

I don't plan a moment, I don't look to find nor do I know what comes with the tide. My body is shaken, my mind dreaming free and with your love beside me, my soul now believes.


The rose bud was waiting and soon I'd see it bloom,
but before I could view it, the petals faded to soon.

The fragrance so sweet,the flowers a delicate treat
and as the moment was passing your love was all
I could see.

Endless chapters of which the Lord writes, he lent
to me the pen to record through the night.

I saw the treasures of all of life, I was surrounded by
the visuals both day and night.

I said a little prayer, I dreamt your arms I'd lay and
I closed my eyes and new tomorrow was another day.


This is my kiss, I give to you my kiss, this kiss is a semblance of my appreciation for the joy we share. You can find my kiss all around you, for I have reckoned with the wind and I pleaded to the sky to send to you my love and lay my kisses upon you, through the heart,soul and mind.

This is my embrace, be it gentle, be it warm, it cradles you in the dark of night and comfort you each day. I sent it to hold you tight and to somehow let you know, that no matter where your journey leads, It will always be okay.

This is my love, it travels afar, it touch the tree tops, gives light to the stars. Anxious to share from depth of my soul, the kindness of life from a bond of gold.


I wanted to run, run far, run fast, so I ran to your arms and my soul saw a flash. Visions equated with the soul inside and the freedom of love, which tickles the mind.


I don't like the thunder storms, but the child likes the rain ,

and with my eyes closed, the memories play a game.


The worst sword is from an invisible blade,

no one sees it, but it hurts just the same.

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