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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 13, 2011

My Lips to yours...

Always trying to see clearly the right and wrong of life, except that it is never that clear...um I think I have heard that before "It is not always black and white, sometimes we have to...." The last seven months have revealed more than I first realized. That I can survive alone, though my heart and soul beg to be caressed. I have always been aware of our vulnerability that within a moment our earthly experience can be brought to and end. Yet the decision making process hasn't not become any easier. Yet the goals of life are still the same " to love and be loved" The essence of love can be felt through actions, beautiful, gentle and surrounded by a sense of peace. The years have found me restless and it wasn't till today that I really understood all the experiences on this long drawn out journey. What my mind perceives and my heart hungers for seem to be distanced by the circumstances in which I have little control.

The trees fan like seem to appear to dance with the breeze of summer air. The day a bit haunting as I beg to hold you near, needing and wanting to feel more than empty air. The rain is falling and with this day I share the hunger of my soul that begs to hold you here. Love's equation makes sense to me, your heart with mine for all eternity.

The tears fall,
a chill rattles my senses
and my heart weeps,
for time passes by and
leaves us victim of our


Head on shoulder,
hand on heart,
spirit on clouds,
soul in a dream.

Erase the darkness ,
hold me close ,
for if tomorrow is in passing ,
your love I will not lose.

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