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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainbow of love

If I should run, it would be into your arms. 
Seeds of sorrow are cast upon the garden of life. 

 What is the meaning of life, if life itself is dictated by time?

The tree frogs are singing, the owl is sitting on the tree as the moon lights the night sky, a silhouette can be seen. The swallow has taken flight, the fireflies now rest on the leaves as the stars in the heavens perform a twilight serenade. The fan is humming accompanied by the locust in the night and the darkness of the moment is something I can't fight. Tired and yet I can't close my eyes so  I just sit here day dreaming with you on my mind. The day is over and the night rules the sky as I say my prayers and thank God that I am alive.


Your love took me by surprise,
teased my heart and  played
with my mind.

Gave the night a light to shine
bright, to lead me to your
arms at night.

I scrunched my pillow
and I held it tight and I
whispered words of love
into the blinding night.

I begged the angels to
carry my plea, to the one
whom I love and the
one who loves me.

Soft and moist the lips, wonderful the arms, mystical the moment I was taken by your charm. Surrounded by darkness as the night ruled and teased my spirit to feel your tender hold. The tears trickled down my cheek as I tried to hold them back I heard my heart bellow out a scream. I love you and you must know,wherever you journey my love with you will go.

The chill to my spirit, the trembling of my heart shook my whole being as if I'd fallen from the stars. Reaching out for you, needing you so, I reached for your hand and refused to let it go. I saw the power of this most wondrous love  it rocked my world and throughout my life it shows.

~Whispers of the heart tease my soul so, 
for you and I are love and the haunting inside me grows.

What enriches a life and makes it full and complete? Talking with an accountant over the phone yesterday, we spoke of companies that are bought out and whether or not that financial freedom brought happiness. There I go again treading on the balance beam of happiness. I have been known to get caught up in thinking to much...hm can one think to much? The thoughts that consume in the quiet of the night... happiness! The death of family and friends becomes a reminder of our limited time on earth. I was not sad that my my brother had passed away, but I was bothered more by how he lived. Which takes me to the adage " we all have our own cross to bear" So again the reminder  is not of our limited time, but what we do with that time.
I wake up each morning to the crack of dawn as the sunlight cast a simple single ray through my window. I gaze out the window at the summer time foliage which blankets the hills in varied shades of lush green leaves. Perfection... that is what comes to mind. Here we are on this beautiful planet that is close enough to be warmed by the sun, far enough not to be torched. I think of the problems of the world, social, financial, political and none of it seems to have any bearing on this gift of life. Most of life if not all of life has some element of survival, no matter who we are or what our financial status. Which reminds me of the families living in the hills of Greene. I thought about their simplicity, the life they are accustomed to. Which brings me to another friends comment that " ignorance is bliss." I don't believe that is necessarily so, though each and everyone of us has a different path to follow, we are always learning.
I went back in time to my first experience with euphoria, the " dance upon the clouds." What actually stimulates the adrenaline and brings about the emotions and the energy that places a person upon the clouds? Self analysis... hmm  I  pondered as I  tried  to understand my own emotions. For me it was a growing period, a time of advancement through experience. To be wanted and loved  and to understand one another as the merge of one soul with another creates a bond  .
Our lives are layers of experience, through each experience we develop and grow. Sometimes it seems as if the experiences are negative rather than positive, but that is  not necessarily so. Everything we do has a reason and the outcome is all part of the trial.

"Dancing on clouds" is what makes the 
eyes twinkle and the soul ignite with fire. 

Raindrops a story tell,
like a song of the heart,
I know it so well.

Blue skies and sun filled
days,darkness and clouds
 of gray.
I focus all my thoughts directly on to you, for that is where the rays of faith coming shining through. There is moonlight in the evening and sunlight in the day and it all comes together as I take this time to pray. Thank you  Lord for this giving of time, each moment is so special and through my heart it shines. The love that I see in everything is like the mountains to the heavens and the river to the sea.
There is a rainbow that never fades away,
it reaches from my heart to yours
each and everyday.

Filled with colors of all my love for you,
I added golden rays of happiness and the
 sky filled shades of blue.

There is a rainbow that never fades away,
it reaches from my heart to yours
each and everyday.

Arching over the heavens a paradise you'll
see, it flows with a magic made of all our

There is a rainbow that never fades away,
it reaches from my heart to yours
each and everyday.

Reds and pinks, purple and blues and
a varied array of golden colors are the
treasure of memories of you.

There is a rainbow that never fades away,
it reaches from my heart to yours
each and everyday.

This is awfully special and wonderful
indeed, this rainbow of love that
brought you to me.
Can yo see the joy in my eyes?
Powered by love it reflects
you and I.

The beauty of love which I share
with you,  flows from my heart
directly to you. 

I shall not weep in sadness for ours hearts of two now one 
and like the galaxies above us eternal is our love.

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