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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I realized mourning has little to do with death and more to do with our own vulnerability. After a period of weeks and the reality that like a tree that lives for various periods of time upon the earth, we to will grow, flourish and parish at some point in time. But as I spent time in the garden today, weeding the three foot high weeds and taking in the beauty of  a variety of flowers and lilies of every color I felt a somewhat mixed blend of emotions.  I took a deep breath and slowly blowing it out brought a balance to my thoughts.Time is the most valuable commodity, one which we cannot alter in any way. But what we are capable of doing is using the time we are given wisely and that too varies for  each and everyone of us.

The more I see, the more there is to see, 
the more I know the more there is to know.

Follow your heart and find me waiting...

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