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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

♥♫ Put your head on my shoulder by ALDO BLAGA ♥♫

Our Song !
It has been a long time since I kitchen danced...here goes.

Put your arms around me and pull me close,
whispers words of love and don't let go.
Glide like angels on heavens floor,
step by step with a rhythm that only
lovers hearts implore.

Let your mind drift like an April snow,
a mounding wealth of love that melts real slow.
The warmer we get the more you hold me tight
as the music of our souls play the song day and night.

The steps are rather care free, there is no right or wrong,
spinning slowly in circles as I'm  nested in your arms.
I'm there in yesterdays light, awaiting tomorrow for the
dreams that give meaning to this life.

My body feels a quiver from head to toe and I go
ballistic feeling your heart beat rapid and then real slow.
The hum of angels, the song that lovers know captures
the moment and it has yet to let me go.

Spinning in your arms, our souls merge begin to and
like a yarn woven our hearts are entwined as one .
Inseparable the feeling, forever is this twine that holds
you close to me wraps you in my life.

This kitchen dance is unique to you and I, for no one
can come between us , there is only you and I. Our souls
had met our hearts have long been entwined. Our story is
written, our song is sung, our love is eternal and from two
it formed one.

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