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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...and the snow falls.

I had mixed emotions when I glanced out my bedroom window at the newly fallen snow. Somehow it came with reminders of my yesterdays and the start of a new day. Like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth, I tried to make sense of all my emotions as they reacted to the memories flooding heavily in my mind. I felt as if I had now boarded the time capsule and was reviewing the changing of seasons.
Sorrow still battles with happiness on the stage of life and only time surfaces. I realized my life was not my own and for many years as I walked blindly down paths that felt uncomfortable and had a quality of eeriness to them. There were voids within my life that had not been filled and emptiness still resided.
The chain of events interlocked experience with faith and love and there from the deepest part of my being surfaced gratitude. When angels come to visit ,it sheds new light on all that we have and will explore. Somehow it all became part of a large tapestry that has yet to be finished. My first words this morning were It snowed!! to a response of so what it is cold and wet!. Yes, It may be cold and wet but each flake that falls gently to the ground came with it a treasure of memory. I shivered at the thought of our accomplishments and than I looked at the crossroads and the many paths that still lay ahead. The decisions that needed a response included many who travel along side me. The all so crucial timing surfaced, guide me I say, which path shall I take? I see darkness and sorrow, happiness and joy and still I see the struggles with which my spirit has toyed.


Mark said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts prompted by the early morning snow. It is interesting how the change of seasons invokes memories, emotions and thoughts of where we are at today. May your day be blessed with the crisp newness of the fresh snow.

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Mark,
Thank you, It is pretty how you describe the snow, crisp with newness, ah fresh snow is pretty.
Have a wonderful day as well.