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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Go Vote!

As my daughter and I were driving down the road, my daughter commented on my choice in music. She said " it's a song with out words" and I quickly responded to her the music indeed speaks to the soul. Not uncommon for my mind to race, I thought of an article I had read, not that the subject really mattered so much, it was every one's response, that caught my attention. None of the comments spoke to the question. My spirit was laden heavily with all that I had on my plate to deal with and the dwelling of it just darkened the moment even more. I turned the music back up louder, it is the gateway to memory, stirring emotion and thought of all that which touched my heart. Tears of emotion surfaced and yet a calm surrounded me. The voice of music it touches on our yesterdays,our today's and highlights our tomorrows, ahh this is desire on the wings of faith. I questioned nothing at that very moment, I knew the strength from within was concreted at the very thought of your love. Some how distance is bridged and love finds away into our hearts to remind us how fortunate we are to be able to explore such beauty in an all so troubled world. I thought once more about the article and the question that was placed for all to respond, there is no answer, for time maybe the great healer, but the emotions of a soul never fade. The embrace of what is allows our being to absorb each experience and step upon it to another moment in time.

I had battled down a day of troubling thoughts and simply by closing my eyes and remembering all that we had shared and all that we will share, seem to cause the negativity to dissipate and allowed a positive light to appear, one which it gives direction to the day.

I have traveled the many seasons,
I have seen them all come and go.
From a child without a worry,
to the woman, whose heart your love grows.

When the storms have all subsided
and the darkness disappears, one glance
into the bright of light finds your love
was always near.

I dear not count the moments,
I beg not to stop the hands of time,
for every second with you,
is to my heart divine.~

I find myself in a dance upon the clouds,
only leads to earth a greater fall, hold my hand tightly.
To my left, to my right and here in the middle... I question not!
I felt your love, I knew it well,
and in my heart is where it dwells.
I felt your love, it stands aside
and allows the combined beauty
to touch the mind.
Like a tumble weed in the desert,
so goes my restless soul.

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