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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, November 13, 2008


The fuel of negative energy can be quite strong. While absorbing the issues of others this morning, I felt my heart race in away that blurred all thought. Viscous words struck in anger creates an unsettling environment. Reaching out and holding on to you, the sound of your voice comforting, replaced all the tension and gave me a appostive outlook for the day.

Darling listen, listen close, the rain falling is not what I chose. Whispers soft and whispers free, sent from heaven to you and me.

Darling feel, feel my love, tender embrace on clouds above. Gentle, warm and wonderful, morning and night my forever hold.

My feet barely moving, they can't take to the sky, but the release of my heart connects your soul to mine. The visions of love give to life its high, rays of golden sunlight which shine so very bright. Love in many colors, paints a different hue, from earth to the heavens shades of purple to blue.

Whispers... I love you, when the day is new , I feel your warmth as gets my spirit through, day to the starlight wonders, from earth the the blue yonder. I love you, I love you, I love you and I repeat the words from my heart to you...baby, oh my darling baby, Oh my sweetness, I love you!

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Mark said...

Being in love, living in love changes our entire perspective. Hugs.