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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Listen my love

The waves are calling as they hit against the shore, the splash a wake up to you the one I adore. The stars are shining brightly in the sky and the moon a cradle to rock you and I. The sea is whispering to you my love, to meet me in the heavens on the clouds above.

Listen to my heart beat, each rhythmic sound a joy, celebrating our togetherness filled the lonesome void. Watch the waters a tumble through the rock, creating a vision that looks like it could talk.

I can feel your love, can you feel my love too? It controls the mountains and the ocean blue. It calls on out to you, to let my love on in and it is more than a whisper it's the song of my love.

Listen my love and I'll sing my song for you, with words written by the angels and performed from me to you. Listen my love and I'll sing my song for you, with a symphony of magic and my dreams of loving you.
My soul spoke to your soul," why did it take so long?" " Were you looking in the wrong place or did you fail to hear the song?" I traveled to farlands, I saw you in my dreams and I knew when we met it was strawberries and cream. I'm not sixteen, I'm not twenty one, but the passion in me is filled with your love. My soul spoke to your soul, with very little words, instead it used the wind to blurt out my love.

I am missing you, begs to feel your arms around me and your heart beating next to mine. Good Night My Love


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