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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sail Away

It is not a promise that ties my soul to yours,
it is reality that makes this love so much more.

I will stay forever in the eternal arms of love,
for no distance can erase the happiness sent from the heavens above.

Through your eyes the world takes on a different view, from the sun shining through and the dolphins paired by two. I see the colors of a rainbow, the mountains reaching to the sky and a view that shares with me the magic of your life.

Through your heart, I get a chance to see, just how wonderful love can be. Paradise in the making, a miracle indeed.Through your heart I see how beautiful life is when you are hand in hand with me.

Through your soul I see the heavens smiling, as they watch over you and I. The mystery was based on the timing and the distance that kept your soul from mine . Through your soul I see cast an image, the bodies of you and I as we embrace the moment in the blue of the sky.

Through the dreams I sense a new beginning, where all is as it should be. Through the dreams I feel your love as close as close can be.

I doubt there is any love that could ever compare to the magic created out of castles in the air. Heavenly the emotion, passionate the plea for you my beloved to step out of the dream. The impact amazing not of mere flesh is the force, the subtle movement in one direction created an explosion to document our forevermore. I challenged the revelation of such happiness and glee, until I realized the sacrifice was needed to surface to what is meant to be.

Summer Moon

The moon light inviting, the dreams surreal as I reached to heaven it began a new tale. The summer time moon captured my heart and directed all my loving from afar. Gaze upon the starless night and in the dark you will see, our love gave birth to the dream. Magnificent beyond belief is the magic of the moment which brought your love to me.

Sail away the darkness, sail away the gray, when I'm with you the sun shines all day. The current a bit rocky, it splashed against the rock and the waves would tell a story if they could only talk. Sail away the darkness, sail away the gray, when you took my hand it was one exciting day. Sail away the darkness, sail away the gray...

I was sorting through my memories, tossed a few to the sea, to find them return on a butterflies wings. Happiness had fallen its aim was to please, dusted with your love it set my soul free.

I will not allow sadness to enter the equation, nor greed the opportunity to be so brazen. The opportunity to love is so amazing and I will love for all eternity.

I had an image, glorious as can be, islands and oceans, mountains and shores and dreams of life where there is so much more. Down in the garden or the castle up high, the dreams were full of mystical surprise. There are chapters on wants and it was filled with greed and it wanted so much more that it battled with need. Need was aware it knew what to do, to tell you I love you all my life through. Want was angry it was begging for more, it saw the paths yet to explore, again need fell to despair as it reached for your love in thin of the air.

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Mark said...

I am always amazed by how much love, how much you is conveyed in your words! Have a great weekend Rachel!