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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Unlock the Combination of Love

There are approximately 988968 words in the English language, of those words 500 are commonly used and of the 500 words more than 14000 various definitions. This is where interpretation comes to play as well error in translation as we transform one language into another. When speaking of love a very limited use of words are rearranged in a personal way to represent the emotions of love. The love of friendship, passion, desire, lust is spelled out and when separate the variations of touch, touch of soul, heart or flesh is exposed. In an occasional rare bond we find an inherent quality, one that cannot be separated and explores through the heart, soul and flesh.

The hollow has a eerie silence to it, almost as if the stillness of the season reigns. Picturesque in quality, the sun shades the leaves of the trees creating a blend of green, yellow and dark golden browns. The migratory birds no longer in song as the mating season has long passed. The waters low, barely trickle over the rock and in the silence I race to the dreams that brought the most amount of joy. My imagination gone wild creates images that have become an expression of my wants and needs. Before I knew it like a nymph that rises to the heavens, I began to sing and dance and the words, were of my love for you.

I want to share my life with you,making all our dreams come true. From the moment we wake up,
till the stars take to the sky, I'll be here waiting if only in my mind.

I want to share my life with you, making all our dreams come true. Climbing all those mountains both near and far, as I reach out to rest peacefully within in your arms.
I had always enjoyed the simplicity of life from the garden to canning to making something enjoyable for the night. I loved the silliness, dressing up to please and trying to put a smile on with happiness and ease. Life became very complicated, someone opened the door to greed, peered through the window of selfishness and removed the sense of peace. Standing at a crossroad, there were several ways to turn and each had its own lessons and struggles, like ivy in the fern. Weakened was the spirit, stumbling as I go until someone began to listen and my strength began to show. Pleasure wasn't scripted the road was long and wide but I knew I had to complete the journey, as the lessons described. I felt the heaviness and loneliness of the day, until I opened up my heart and found that had made your way. You were there when the tears first rolled down my cheek and again with smiles of happiness that made me feel so complete. I tremble at the thought that only heartache may appear as the images in silhouette quickly disappeared. Love is the creation in the outer hemisphere from the moment our souls together and to earth we reappeared.

The embrace of the heavens,
is the power of our love.

Sometimes I feel like the hawk focused on its prey and
other times I am the rabbit running to hide away.

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