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Monday, August 03, 2009

The start of a new day, cluster maps, celebrate

This is a year in review, every time someone came to visit it was like pinning the map. We have visited almost every corner of the world or is it every corner of the world stopped by to visit me.We reached each continent from Asia, through Europe to Africa and more. I felt the excitement of a ten year old as I began to share with the many.It truly emphasises how love expands the world to unite as one in the simple beauty of emotion. Still on the number one search " Cara mia ti volgio bene" my darling I love you. It just proves that we all want to love and need to feel the return of love. I celebrate with you today the joy of love and its power to make the world a smaller place and a much more beautiful place as we unite through words one heart to another.

I thought about the first time I decided to share what was in my heart. It felt as if I had kept all the emotion inside I would have exploded . I am not exactly sure why I began to share my spirit and turn my heart inside out for all to see. Here are a few of my thoughts on it. When all is said and done and this life comes to and end, I want people to remember that we loved and our love didn't need the exterior worlds approval, that it had the heavens. I love you and I will always love you and I celebrate each memory, dream and the tomorrows that await us. Evil and hell does exist that's not drama that is a fact, but you taught me that heaven and love and happiness also has a fighting chance."

There are many things people write about to try and make a difference in the world, this is the part they play in the molding of the future, no right nor wrong, just variance. The more I began to write,not just on the blogs, but also for the people who requested that I put their emotions in to poetic form. The more I realized the power of the heart. These emotions don't control us, they compliment us.

As time goes on I have been able to expand on the beauty that life showers us with. The friendships that endure and the magic that is created out of dreams. I some times think about my journey,where it leads and why and all the people we come in contact with. I never imagined learning so much, or doing as many things as I have. Each day a new door is opened and a new experience is revealed. I gasp in an amazement of life and people.

In one week many things have happened. From a accident that could have been much worse, to a peaceful day on the river as I was selling my skin care products. Today I feel a sense of peace, it has to do with many things, the joy of a good nights sleep, the acceptance of the love I feel, the lifting of hunger and appreciating the opportunity.

If in sharing my heart brings joy to another then my life has indeed not been in vain. For I would not want to be remember for anything less than love. Love it takes on many forms and is seen throughout family and friends and life itself. I am honored to have had the opportunity to have shared in so many peoples lives and they to have shared in mine.

I celebrate the beauty of life, the joy of living and the warmth of friendship that dares to hold my hand and journey beside me through all we shall endure . I am ever grateful for the distance we have covered and for what lay ahead. Life comes with no guarantee and no map and so as we journey to find our place within the unique miracle of life, I accept the mountain of detours, the rivers wide and the long and winding roads that lead us into tomorrow.

For those who read on a daily basis and still others who return throughout the year I thank you for allowing me into your heart. Those who have emailed and still the few that encourage with comments on the blog have all become a unique thread in the canvas. I may write of my emotions, but as you begin to read them, you also journey down the road of life through a view as seen through my heart. In one perspective we stand alone in another we are united by love.

Through the magid of a moment, my sincere thanks!

Rachel Charlotte Miller

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