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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, August 24, 2009

...just one more cup of tea.

I am at the core of my being and this is what separates me from the world around me. As the child ran through the field gathering wild flowers, I took to the stars gathering dreams.

Orange blaze Touch Me Nots as still as can be, I'm watching them out the window as if they're watching back at me. Documenting summer, whispering to me, we've made it through the rainy season in perfect harmony. One part dreams and one part memory, we've created magic as love meant it to be.

I shall not betray my heart,
it knows the love I feel,
released to the summer winds
is a softness in song that broke
down the shield.

Reach your hand high above,
now close your fingers in a fist tightly
filled with love. You and I were
meant to be, place it on your heart
and set our love free.


So ever gentle, it was wondeful as can be, his touch so soft was amazing. I barely felt his hands brush slowly through my hair and still I felt his kindness in a moment that we shared. Somehow he reached deep inside of me and I knew this was how love was meant to be.


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