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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Sings>I called it fate, you called it chance,
you said it was the time, I thought it was a
little behind.

This meeting is heaven inspired, shook up
my life and created one hell of a fire. I
love you and you love me, it sure was
fate we were meant to be.

I called it fate, you called it chance, you
said it was the time, I thought it was
a little behind.

I questioned the time and all you bring,
and if it's selfish I wish we met at nineteen.
So many hugs and kisses too, we have
allot of making up to do.

I called it fate, you called it chance, you
said it was the time, I thought it was a little

I wanted to spend the next couple of days at the beach, taking in the much needed sunshine. For one reason or another my plan to get away didn't quite turn out as planned. My bedroom faces the mountain rock in the house as the house sets deep into the hills. Though two windows are on both sides of the room, very little sun light makes it way through. On a good note the room is a bit cooler than the rest of the house at least my ten degrees. With the fans spinning and no real need to work on supplies, I fell into a mode which seem to zap me into a world of daydreams.

The room likened to that of the night,
with no amount of sun and very little light.
I felt the need, the power of desire, the
magic of daydreams to conquer the hour.

Silence ruled for so little time, the song of
love tricks the mind. Fuels the spirit,feeds
the heart, through the soul ignites a

The park, shore or clouds above,
I was in need all of your love.
Taunted by your memory,
the heavens cast you in my dream.

Submit I say to my request of love
and meet where dreams are from.
You and I for eternity creating
moments that will never fade.

Lost in the moment I began to fear,
fantasy, reality or outer hemisphere?
Captured in the here and now, I
giggled and released a little smile.

No images or visions of love appeared,
yet I could sense your body near.
As if the mountians bowed to say,
the path is clear you are on your way.

I felt a quiver from head to toe, as
if the wind your love had blown.
It touched my heart, it gave such joy
and filled with love the empty void.

I played with the thoughts of sweet desire,
undressed and on the sheets a fire. I
wanted and needed, I begged for you
so and in the darkeness I couldn't let go.

I whispered to the hollow, I need him so,
butterflies, robins and blue birds go. The
invitation is to my sweet, tell him I
waiting with each heart beat.

Determined to share the dream, I
laughed, I cried in a silent scream.
Passion createsa a simple scene as love
embraces both you and me.

No conditions, the moments free
my heart and soul begin to sing.
Sings from the valley to the heavens
high, to touch your spirit and reach
your mind.

We conquered the moment, feel the flow
as love between us begins to grow. I love
you and need you and want you to know
that I shall never let you go.

The infusion of sweetness to the hour,
leaves traces of memories which inspire.
Passon, desire and heavens touch,
from you my love means so much.

When hearts meet and souls bond
the explosion of love is imminent.

I could write a million words, but not one could describe, the love within my heart and the dreams we define. One or a zillion like stars in the sky, each is merely a documentation that you exist by my side. This moment was scripted like the many before, composed in t \he heavens and left for us to explore.

My love, your love and life woven tight, together a bond which is stronger with each night. Forever entwined in a magical embrace from the memories of yesterday and the tomorrows that await.

My love, your love and life woven tight, together a bond which is stronger with each night. The angels smiled down on you and I, they must have been working a little over time. They broke down the distance, they bridged it by command and brought your love to me by the hearts demand.

My love, your love and life woven tight, together a bond which is stronger with each night. A dusting of calm blankets over me, as I am at peace with the one who loves me. My pillow is fluffed, lay your head next to mine and we'll talk of our tomorrows in this moment so fine.

Forever more I sing, words of love and
silly dreams. Composed by the soul and
placed in your heart to hold.

The words of love are for all to see, but
only you and I can view the dream, I was cast
to love and you the lead in heaven above.

Sadness is not allowed only love is on our
cloud. Step by step you'll dance with me
from night fall till morning.

Forever more I sing, words of love and
silly dreams, Composed by the soul and
placed in your heart to hold.

La la la I can see how much you mean to me, you built a castle out of a dream. Placed it in the heavens where we can visit and now and than and there is where we dance till time comes to an end.
La la la My darling, I waiting for you now, this moment is awfully speical it brings to me a smile. My arms open to you I await, like morning kiss of sunshine my kiss upon your face.

Sings> I sing of rainbows and skies of blue, I sing of loving you. You're the sun that shines on a cloudy day, the rays that melt the snowflakes away. You're the magic that combines the seasons into one, you did it so simply by adding your love.

I sing of rainbows and skies of blue, I sing of loving you. When the stars take to the night sky and twinkle like fireflies sparkling in summertime. The magic is for all to see, but only you and I know it's not a dream.

I sing of rainbows and skies of blue, I sing of loving you. From the first moment I open up my eyes, till midnight dreams bring you to myside. We're dancing at heavens door, awaiting what love has in store.

I sing of rainbows and skies of blue, I sing of loving you. I sing of rainbows and skies of blue, I sing of loving you. I sing of rainbows and skies of blue, I sing of loving you > YOU ARE MY DREAM COME TRUE

Our quest is ongoing and always being altered by simple choices and the supreme awareness. Graph the heart to follow the dream, to follow the dream is to release the soul.

I don't care what people think nor what they may say, for destiny had carved the path and sent me on my way. There are those who were the moment, some stayed for a day and than there is the likes of you my love who has never gone away. So much to learn, the impact grand, for every step I take my love, I feel the interlocking of your hand.

The incredible awakening is difficult to describe, opens up the heart, to view from the inside. Lessons of life which reflect on heavens high, a celebration of our love that even the angels can't deny. The characters are many, the journey long and wide and as we travel through this life we allow the positive to reside.

Windows open and there is a lot to see, sorrow and heartache, happiness and glee.
Assessing all that happened, writing it all down, the reviews are of gladness from the moment you came round. Your loyalty is worthiness abound, you stood beside me when no one else could be found.


The tug of war is not between those who believe and those who don't,
its between the possibilities of tomorrow and the reality of today.
So many faces merge into one,
only a few reflect direction like the rays of the sun.
There are many who have the knowledge but not the faith... I will because I can.
The Lord never promised days free of heartache...
I questioned the path and those who crossed it, fragile spirits on the mend, weakness appears from beginning to end. Loosened threads now pulled tight, create a weave to net the flight.
I am the spirit in the wind and as my soul soars the heavens it celebrates the unity of love.
Eternal love cannot be doused for
it walks on earth and floats above.
I was lost without direction, unable to surface and to see,but friendship taught me the strength of love, which never waivers and stands tall beyond disbelief.
For the first time in many years I have
regained control over my own being.
My son said to me in anger that I never take responsibility. First I thought how silly is that, that I had taken complete responsibility for the children, finances, the home and to many things to mention. It occurred to me that there were situations on a more personal note that I did not take responsibility for. My actions, my emotions, I took responsibility for all that surrounds me except for my inner self. I found an outlet in writing and in my dreams an escape, but I had given control of my heart away. My weakness is to many their strength. I am not sure exactly what fell into order this weekend, maybe it was the time alone, nah I have been alone before, it might have been excepting the reality of what is.
In the business end of life, I realized a few things, you can't do business on a hand shake and a person's word is no longer a contract of good faith. I found that this crossed the board into friendships, the old adages " talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words" I guess this also is part of the great lessons of life, you have to experience to learn. Reminds me of parenting and how many times, I have wanted to spare my children from making mistakes. When I soon realized their journey, their mistakes are their periods of growth and learning.
I guess it depends on what we lead with, our heart, soul or the mind or a combination of the three. In retrospect I don't think it is a process of healing, I believe it is a sense of responsibility. In the many years throughout my life, I met with many challenges. The repetitiveness of them was quite confusing as I was a believer of " a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
in plain words lets not figure on how we get out here, let's not get in the jam in the first place. Sometimes things happen which are no fault of our own and we pulled at all our strengths to challenge and surface.
Destiny! is it all part of destiny? Do we really have a say and choices in the plan that is created from the roads that lay before us? I think it has always been a combination of both, our awareness, choices and ability to see that allows for us to travel down the right path and to gain from the experience.
It is crucial to continue to keep the path of learning open to take responsibility for actions, thoughts and yes dreams. I am here in the now, the dust on the mirror clouds the views, but as I wipe it clear I see a woman who has yet to remove all the webbing from her life and truly free her spirit.
There are many factors involved in building of a good friendship, respect, trust, honesty. I wanted to the hear answers for life spelled out before me, but the answers only come when we are willing to look inside and not accept but be willing to mend the holes which allowed like river water in a broken bucket to be weighed down.

From the archives...his world, my world or a world in between.

Poetry a combination of words
to express the passion for life.

It is not how high we soar...

It is the simple pleasure found in sharing that brings the most amount of joy ....lit by happiness,channeled by love, seen through a smile.
What fascinates me the most is the common bond between two souls.
I write so the world may know the power of our love...
for the words were released at the mere thought of never knowing such love.
"I love you" the words are very simple and sometimes over used and occassioanly they lack the impact when they are not soul infused. We always want to hear them, we want to know they are so, so I repeat these three words so all the world will know that I love you, I love you, I love you, and I celebrate it so. Every second within a minute, everyday within the hour, I thank the heavens that caused a collision whose impact was that of fire.


Mark said...

We create the path, destiny is of our final turn, however the way their is all of our doing. Beautiful words and thoughts, thanks for sharing.

Rachel C Miller said...

We create the path? I am not sure about that or I would have chosen one with a little less brier, thicket,mountains and bends.