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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

... and I felt your love.

I once thought we were defined by our choices, to only realize that we are surrounded by circumstances as well an affair with destiny. There is small period of time, when people and places come together to create a path. Though choice does surface as a major guide, there are events that will occur regardless of the decisions we choose to make.
How we relate to an experience and the knowledge gained becomes the circle of truth in which we travel. The triangle of life which consist of heart, soul and mind guides us on the path which can be altered at any given moment.
There are endless posssibilites, like that of a chapter book with alternate endings. It is called vulnerability and just like that of a butterfly in the wind, we are redirected forward, backward and all around.
No regrets, it is not comparison that I view the past and present What I see and feel is the development of spirit and the reality of a moment. I have many times felt misguided and occassionally lost on a journey that is at times overshadowed by the plight of the various characters.
The moments of pleasure are multiplied by how many times we embrace the beauty of life. Every step I take with you beside me is encompassed in a sense of peace and harmony. I run to your arms through every dream as I feel your love and the happiness it brings. It is the sun in the morning and the stars at night, the magic of the moment which gave me a friend for life.


I do hunger for more,
more of your sweetness,
kindness and charm,
more than the embrace
of a dance in your arms.

Sings>I felt your kiss in the morning breeze, like magic your love ascended on me. From the angels in heaven to the song of the sea, soft gentle whispers sung out to me.

The sun take its place beyond the mountains high, rays warm are love defined. The secrets found deep in the heart, reflect in the hollow the size of the spark.

Ever since I can remember the hills from the first spring blooms to the winters newly fallen snow was the ultimate escape. There was a certain amount of excitement that could be felt watching a hawk soar through the ever changing seasons. Nature has a unique way of balancing or compensating for the underlying storms that appear throughout the cycle of life.

The variables which affect our sight and strength teeter on the fulcrum, causing either one to rest peaceful or snap the spirit in two. Agitated my mind scrambles through the limitations set on the choices of the moment. There is an old saying " if your not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem." The ability to step away from the current issues and see from the outside in comes and goes as does my strength in cutting through the web like blanket that smothers my existence.

I wanted to run,
I wanted to hide,
I reached for the clouds,
I reached for the sky.

The stars were shining,
the moon full and bright,
and there in the heavens,
a remarkable sight.

I laughed and I cried,
surfaced beyond despair,
as I reached for your hand
and you pulled me near.

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Mark said...

Beautiful words. Yes to commune with nature is to commune with the divine within our self.
True, it is what we do with the circumstances and experiences that we have that defines who we are.