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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Forever Love

Interpretation, comprehension, the alternate outcome, expectation, realization , complication and the acceptance that comes with reality. In this world we continuously crave for more, it is in our DNA. I have come to terms that a gift is packaged in ways that we may not recognize till a day, a year or a lifetime later. It can alter a moment in such away that triggers the mind and reveals a different view. It is like going on with life and trying to please everyone but yourself. Sooner or later you find that a void remains. The gift of love, memories, guidance, caring, happiness, dreams, romance, life remain within us on a forever basis. Thus these gifts reveal themselves throughout the journey.

I am holding on
and not letting go,
for your sweet love
within me grows.

Like a mirror
on the wall,
the reflection
tells it all.

Flowers bloom
a season new,
as summer time
is here once more.

Beyond the dreams,
the heart can see,
what true love
can really bring.

The guided path
the joy and laughs,
engaged as one
this special love.

I am not the same
so some may claim,
as love has showed
me another way.

I understand the reason
your heart met up with mine,
for it reveals with each season
our love time after time.

Your the sunshine
that warms my heart and
the blue sky is where our
love got its start.

No matter the darkness,
the gray skies will fade
as I look unto each moment
and find your love replaced
the rain.


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