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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Feel The Joy

Dionne Warwick sang it best " I know I'll never love this way again."  You can't help but think about the experience. Moments that make you laugh and sometimes cry and there is the time that makes you feel an array of emotion. When people buy poetry they don't necessarily relate to the story behind but the emotion that it triggers. I am well aware no two experience are ever truly alike even though there are only so many emotions that we feel from happiness, sorrow, anger, fear to contempt.  We will cross the path of these emotions many times but " I know I'll never love this way again"

I feel the joy
bubbling inside,
happiness and smiles
I just can't hide.

Your heart placed
here within mine,
reveals forever the
love of you and I.

I can't explain it,
no matter how I try
as there are no words
that can truly define.

My fingers keep typing
each and every day
searching for the combination
to send my love your way.

I look to the sun rise
and again to the night sky,
in hopes that a breeze
will reach you in time.

Packed filled with memories,
laughter and dreams
in the hope that tomorrow
it will arrive in the breeze.

Feel all of my love
for you and you alone
as you hold my heart
and have yet to let go.

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